20 best Easter cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

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There's more to Easter indulgence than mere chocolate eggs.

Easter Sunday is the day that Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead, named, not altogether coincidentally, for the pre-Christian festival of Eoster. And, what better way to celebrate than by binging on cheap chocolate, much of it shaped like eggs, and images of baby chicks that have obviously just hatched from said eggs?

In keeping with this long chocolate-fuelled weekend, I've gathered the following 20 Easter cocktails.

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Easter Cocktail
With: Green cardamom pods, vanilla-flavoured vodka, white crème de cacao, sugar syrup and egg white.
We say: Chocolate cocktail with extra interest thanks to vanilla and cardamom.

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With: Cognac, advocaat, Yellow Chartreuse and chocolate bitters.
We say: Brandy and advocaat is a classic and indulgent combo that says Easter and/or Christmas – both spiritual holidays so the addition of Chartreuse is obvious.

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Chocolate Tequila Alexander
With: Chocolate cream liqueur, añejo tequila, and egg white.
We say: A rich, indulgent, tequila-laced riff on the classic Alexander cocktail.

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Creme Egg Cocktail
With: Vanilla flavoured vodka, vanilla liqueur, white crème de cacao, advocaat and single cream.
We say: As befits the name, this chocolate and vanilla vodka-based Easter egg of a cocktail has both cream and egg – the latter in the form of Dutch advocaat.

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Hot Cross Bun Martini
With: Vanilla flavoured vodka, calvados, espresso coffee and cinnamon syrup.
We say: A vanilla and apple brandy Espresso Martini with a touch of cinnamon spice.

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Dairy Milk Chocolate
With: Vodka, white crème de cacao, dark crème de cacao, single cream and egg white.
We say: Perhaps serve with a shot glass of champagne on the side so this cocktail literally contains a "glass and a half".

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Angels' Advocate
With: Dry gin, advocaat, vanilla syrup, lemon juice and cardamom bitters.
We say: Advocaat, gin and lemon juice sit together harmoniously in this pale yellow cocktail with vanilla syrup adding balance and cardamom enlivening the blend.

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Canary Flip
With: Advocaat, white wine and lemon juice.
We say: A delightful balance of egg, spirit and wine.

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Chocolate Martini
With: Vodka, white crème de cacao and dry vermouth.
We say: Vodka and chocolate made more interesting with a hint of vermouth.

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Chocolate Negroni
With: Dry gin, Punt e Mes, Campari, white crème de cacao and chocolate bitters.
We say: The chocolate in this riff on a classic Negroni seems to boost the orange notes in the Campari.

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Chocolate Orange Espresso Martini
With: Orange flavoured vodka, dark crème de cacao, coffee liqueur, espresso coffee and saline solution.
We say: As the name suggests, an orange and chocolate flavoured Vodka Espresso.

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Chocolate Sazerac
With: Absinthe, bourbon, white crème de cacao, sugar syrup and Creole-style bitters.
We say: This twist on the classic Sazerac pairs absinthe, bourbon and chocolate to great effect.

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Italian Chocolate Martini
With: Espresso coffee, amaro and coffee liqueur.
We say: There may be some chocolate in your coffee liqueur and perhaps cocoa beans play a role in the amaro, but like the Coffee Cocktail which has no coffee, this delicious riff on an Espresso Martini is chocolaty.

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Iced Creamy Mocha
With: Chocolate cream liqueur, bourbon, and espresso coffee.
We say: A dessert-style cocktail that's just as its name suggests.

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Pisco Kid – Nestles Milky Bar
With: Pisco, white crème de cacao, white wine and fino sherry.
We say: White crème de cacao's sweetness is balanced by dry sherry and the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc wine, which also adds grassy floral notes.

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Manhattan (Sweet with Bitter Chocolate)
With: Bourbon, sweet vermouth, dark crème de cacao, maraschino liqueur and chocolate bitters.
We say: Those with a sweet tooth should not be misled by the use of the word "sweet" in the name of this drink, which refers to the use of sweet vermouth in what is a dry, but not bone dry spirituous cocktail.

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With: Vanilla flavoured vodka, passion fruit puree, vanilla syrup and fresh passion fruit.
We say: Passion fruit and vanilla with a double treat as a garnish.

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Ramos Chocolate Fizz
With: Dry gin, white crème de cacao, orange blossom water, vanilla extract, egg white, single cream and brut champagne.
We say: Creamy chocolate vanilla fudge with faint orange and a hint of gin.

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With: Vodka, white crème de cacao, sugar syrup and orange bitters.
We say: Citrus with a crispy chocolate edge. A sweetie.

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With: Light white rum infused with vanilla, amaretto, dark crème de cacao, honey syrup, single cream and egg white.
We say: Nibble at the garnish as you sip honeyed, chocolate and almond-flavoured liquid candy. Yum.

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