New & updated cocktails July 2016

Words by Simon Difford

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Almond old-fashioned variations dominate our favourite 10 new or updated cocktails added to Difford’s Guide during July 2016.

1. Madurised Almond Old Fashioned 5+/5 [NEW]
Comment: As the name suggests this is an almond flavoured Old-Fashioned with medium dry madeira adding wine notes while three different whiskies also add to the drink's balance and complexity.

2. Paloma (simple) 4.5/5 [updated]
Comment: Paloma makes a Paloma!

3. Preakness Cocktail 4.5/5 [updated]
Comment: A Bénédictine-influenced twist on the Sweet Manhattan.

4. Gin Cocktail 4.5/5 [updated]
Comment: A close relation to the Martinez, and so by default also the Martini, this cocktail is adapted from one of the oldest known cocktail recipes.

5. Gin Old-Fashioned 4.5/5 [NEW]
Comment: A couple of shots of bready genever with a spoon of sugar and a couple of dashes of bitters - incredibly simple, equally classic, and with the right genever, incredibly tasty.

6. Smoke & Mirrors (by The Bon Vivants) 4.5/5 [NEW]
Comment: Genever and mezcal sit surprisingly well together in this very refreshing drink with mint and lemon.

7. Smoked Almond Old Fashioned 5/5 [NEW]
Comment: A quartet of whiskies: bourbon, rye, blended Scotch and Islay single malt, stirred with, and lightly sweetened and flavoured by amaretto liqueur. The result is a complex, balanced and lightly nutty after dinner cocktail.

8. The Symphony 4.5/5 [NEW]
Comment: A boozy riff on the Last Word made more interesting by subtle notes of peaty Islay whisky.

9. Toasted Almond Old Fashioned 4.5/5 [NEW]
Comment: Rye whiskey spice and Angostura bitters offset bourbon's richness and amaretto's sweetness in this complex, dry and boozy after dinner drink.

10. Velasco & Sand 5/5 [NEW]
Comment: Mezcal adds a faintly smoky note to this riff on the classic Blood & Sand named on The Battle of Velasco.

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