New & updated cocktails November 2016

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We are continually searching for great but simple to make new cocktails to add to our database of some 4,000 recipes, while also endeavouring to update and improve our existing drinks. The following were added/updated during November 2016.

18th Century Cocktail [NEW]
A riff on the classic 20th Century Cocktail. Tart and dry with the unmistakable funky twang of Batavia arrack.
By: Phil Ward at Death & Co., New York City, USA
Difford's Guide rating: 5/5

Amaro-etti Biscotti (barrel aged) [NEW]
Cognac, amaretto and amaro aromatised with vanilla bitters and Islay single malt.
By: Yours truly
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Carlton Banks [NEW]
Reminiscent of a classic champagne cocktail with cognac, champagne, cherry brandy and orange bitters.
By: Seth Brammer at Filament, Dallas, Texas, USA.
Difford's Guide rating: 5/5

Geisha Martini [NEW]
A Vodka Martini with influence a distinctly Japanese influence courtesy of sake and Japanese whisky.
By: Yours truly
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Grappa Espresso Martini [NEW]
Grappa and coffee are traditional bed-fellows, here presented in an Italian rendition of the Espresso Martini.
By: Adapted from the vodka-based classic.
Difford's Guide rating: 5+/5

Harvest Cocktail [NEW]
An after-dinner sipper stirred down with Cardamaro and calvados.
By: Unknown
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Honey Badger [NEW]
If you like The Penicillin Cocktail, then you'll also like this rosemary, ginger, lemon and honey infused bourbon cocktail, shaken and served on-the-rocks.
By: Liam Baer at Fish and Meat, Hong Kong
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Japanese Pear [UPDATED]
A delicate and complex vodka and sake based cocktail with subtle pear eau-de-vie and Peychaud's.
By: Grand Pacific Blue Room, Sydney, Australia
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Knickerbocker Special [UPDATED]
C/ Rum based, slightly sweet and very fruity, made with freshly prepared raspberry syrup this is delicious.
By: Thought to have been created at the Knickerbocker Hotel, New York City, USA between 1906 - 1920.
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Lachlan's Antiscorbutic [NEW]
With its delicate shade of pink from a splash of raspberry liqueur this cocktail is feistier than it appears with salty gherkin flavours combining brilliantly with celery gin.
By: Keli Rivers at Whitechapel Bar, San Francisco, USA
Difford's Guide rating: 5/5

Optimist [NEW]
Fino sherry and Peychaud Bitters brilliantly sets this riff on a classic Daiquiri apart. Beautifully balanced and delicately favoured.
By: Roman Foltan
Difford's Guide rating: 5/5

Picasso Sour [NEW]
A pisco sour with absinthe and orange influences.
By: Sean Halse at Gold On 27, Burj Al Arab, Dubai.
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Pickle Whack Cocktail [NEW]
An Irish Whiskey Sour made special and distinctive by sea salt and pickle juice.
By: Mojo, England.
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Prohibition Daisy [NEW]
A lightly sweetened non-alcoholic fruit smoothie to boast your vitamin c.
By: Unknown
Difford's Guide rating: 4/5

Root 56 [NEW]
Simply Jägermeister and ginger beer.
By: A drink promoted by Jägermeister.
Difford's Guide rating: 3.5/5

St. Lawrence [UPDATED]
A bourbon sour sweetened with maple syrup and served on-the-rocks.
By: Michael Butt of Soulshakers, London, England
Difford's Guide rating: 4/5

Sake Manhattan [NEW]
Lighter in style than your typical Manhattan Cocktail, with all the familiar flavour enhanced by extra sake complexity.
By: Yours truly
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Sakini [UPDATED]
A vodka-based cocktail from the 1990s with sake and dry vermouth.
By: Unknown
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Santiago Daisy [NEW]
Chartreuse adds subtle aromatics to this refreshing Daiquiri/Daisy.
By: Unknown
Difford's Guide rating: 4/5

The Stag [NEW]
Boozy and stirred down. Cognac fortifies and combines harmoniously with Jägermeister's bittersweet herbal and spicy notes. Rich lavender enhances and amplifies these flavours with ginger bitters adding extra zingy spice and toning the blend.
By: Yours truly
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Summer Americano [NEW]
Yes, well they're heading into summer in Australia and this aperitif-style drink is tall and refreshing.
By: Ignacio "Nacho" Vázquez
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Batched Sweet Manhattan [NEW]
A cheat's recipe for pre-mixing 16 Sweet Manhattans which can sit handily in a little bottle stored in your refrigerator.
By: Yours truly
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Three Blind Mice [NEW]
Stirred down and boozy, corn notes from Tennessee whiskey are amplified by the bittersweet aperitif liqueur and aromatised wine.
By: Scarfes Bar, Rosewood Hotel, London, England
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

Vodka Daisy [UPDATED]
Fruity, refreshing and vodka laced - a crowd pleaser.
By: Unknown
Difford's Guide rating: 4.5/5

When The Smoke Cleared [NEW]
This smoky, tangy and complex drink which is served on-the-rocks is made with mezcal, Aperol, lime juice, pineapple juice and ginger syrup.
By: Stephen Wicker at the Raleigh Bar, Miami Beach, USA.
Difford's Guide rating: 5/5

Wild Ward [NEW]
This riff on a Final Ward is both bitter sweet and sweet 'n' sour. It's challenging, complex and a most interesting example of inspired bartending creativity.
By: Channing Centeno at Momofuku Ko, New York City, USA
Difford's Guide rating: 4/5

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