20 best Spring cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass

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Spring has sprung – well at least it has here in the northern hemisphere. It's time to rediscover the delights of floral cocktails – think elderflower liqueur and crème de violet. Honey is another appropriate ingredient – the bees are buzzing after all. Bright yellow cocktails are also so much more spring than drab brown ones, so crack open the gentian.

Bearing the above in mind, follows 20 cocktails I thought appropriate for spring. (Click on the images or names to view the recipes.)

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Apple Blossom Cocktail
With: Calvados, rosso vermouth, and orange bitters.
We say: Concentrated lightly herbal apple with zesty citrus.

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Bending Blades Cocktail
With: Blanco tequila, manzanilla sherry, gentian liqueur, and pink grapefruit liqueur.
We say: Tequila-based, zesty and bitter before turning bittersweet.

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Black Spring
With: Rye whiskey, quinquina, amaro, and ginger beer.
We say: Ginger spice with a bittersweet fruity rye bread bite.

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Cherry Springer
With: Sour cherry gin, white crème de menthe, cherry brandy, lemon juice, and chocolate bitters.
We say: I do like a pun, especially when looking for cocktails with spring in the name.

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Daisy Cutter Martini
With: Mint, vodka, dry vermouth, elderflower liqueur, and Yellow Chartreuse.
We say: Named for the cricketing term for a ball bowled just skims along the ground.

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Dried Meadow Flower
With: Reposado tequila, elderflower liqueur, gentian liqueur, lemon juice, and soda water.
We say: Floral elderflower with tequila, zesty lemon and a touch of bittersweet gentian.

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Early Sprig
With: Rhubarb vodka, lavender syrup, lemon juice, and soda water.
We say: Rhubarb flavours shine in this tall floral lavender sour.

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Floral Daiquiri
With: Crème de violette, blueberries, light white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and elderflower liqueur.
We say: A blueberry threesome gives this floral cocktail a pink hue.

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Garden Sour
With: Mezcal, rhubarb liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and celery bitters.
We say: Delicately smoky mezcal forms the backbone of this delicious bittersweet refreshing cocktail.

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Honeysuckle Daiquiri
With: Gold rum. Lemon juice, orange juice, and honey syrup.
We say: A Daiquiri with honey or a Bee's Knees with rum.

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Jalisco Flower
With: Reposado tequila, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice, brut sparkling wine.
We say: Subtle, fruity and one of my favourite "champagne cocktails".

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The Joanna
With: Vodka, fine sherry, dry vermouth, elderflower liqueur, and lavender bitters.
We say: Reminiscent of a Vodkatini with dry sherry and delicate elderflower and lavender.

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Mint Julep
With: Mint, bourbon, sugar syrup, and aromatic bitters.
We say: Famously served at the Kentucky Derby in May.

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The Mayflower Martini
With: Gin, elderflower liqueur, apricot brandy, apple juice, and lemon juice.
We say: A fragrant balance of fruits and flowers.

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The Rose (original)
With: Dry vermouth, kirsch liqueur, and redcurrant syrup.
We say: A wonderfully aromatic salmon-pink drink.

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A Rose By Another Other Name
With: Cognac, rosso vermouth, rose petal liqueur, crème de violette liqueur, and chocolate bitters.
We say: Best garnished with a Turkish Delight.

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Rose Hyp Cocktail
With: Gin, elderflower liqueur, dry vermouth, and rose petal liqueur.
We say: Dry aromatic and floral.

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Wild Blossom
With: Gin, elderflower liqueur, pink grapefruit juice, and cranberry juice drink.
We say: Indeed blossom-like with subtle floral elderflower.

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Wild Irish Rose
With: Irish whiskey, lemon juice, sugar syrup, grenadine syrup, and soda.
We say: The gentle bite of Irish whiskey soured with lemon and sweetened with pomegranate syrup.

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Zuzus Petals
With: Bison grass vodka, gentian liqueur, elderflower liqueur, maraschino liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup, and celery bitters.
We say: Bittersweet and fragrant.

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