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Words by Simon Difford

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Cocktails are indulgent treats so it's fitting to garnish one treat with another. And whether they be candy, sweeties, confectionery, chews or chocolate bars, they come in mini/bite sized formats, often individually wrapped, so perfect for resting on or pegging to a glass rim.

The range of confectionery available around the world is as diverse as the selection of accompanying themed cocktails and those below are predominantly from the UK/USA. Bring out your inner child with a penny chew washed down with something altogether more alcoholic.

Black Jack
With: Byrrh, absinthe, amer picon, triple sec and liquorice bitters.

Bon Bon
With: Vodka, limoncello, lemon juice, vanilla syrup and butterscotch liqueur.

Milky Way (Coco Milky Way)
With: Cachaça, pineapple juice, amaretto, hazlenut liqueur, coconut syrup, lemon juice and cream.

Crème Egg
With: Vanilla vodka, Licor 43, advocaat, white crème de cacao and cream.

Dairy Milk Chocolate
With: Vodka, white crème de cacao, dark crème de cacao, cream and egg white.

Fruit Salad
With: Vodka, banana liqueur, Galliano, orange juice and grenadine.

Gingerbread (Gingerbread 'Martini')
With: Vodka, dry vermouth, amaretto and gingerbread syrup.

Jaffa Cake (Jaffa Martini)
With: Triple sec, dark crème de cacao, vodka, lemon juice, orange juice, orange bitters and egg.

Jelly Beans (Jelly Belly Beany)
With: Light rum, peach liqueur, coconut liqueur and orange bitters.

Jelly Beans (Jelly Beans Shot)
With: Sambuca, black raspeberry liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, coffee liqueur and grenadine.

Liquorice All Sort
With: Black sambuca, banana liqueur, strawberry liqueur, blue curaçao and lemon-lime soda.

Love Heart
With: Vodka, strawberry liqueur, parfait amour and champagne.

Marshmallow (Marshmallow 'Martini')
With: Vanilia vodka, passion fruit puree, vanilla syrup and passion fruit.

Parma Violet (Parma Violet Spritz)
With: Prosecco, club soda and violet liqueur.

Nestles Milk Bar (Pisco Kid)
With: Pisco, white crème de cacao, white wine and fino sherry.

Chocolate truffle (Ramos Chocolate Fizz)
With: Dry gin, white crème de cacao, orange flower water, vanilla extract, egg white, cream and champagne.

Smarties (Smartini)
With: Vodka, white crème de cacao, sugar syrup and orange bitters.

Strega Chocolate (Accoutrement)
With: Calvados, Strega, lemon juice, orange liqueur and Peychaud's Bitters.

With: Honey, light rum infused with vanilla, amaretto, dark crème de cacao, single cream and egg white.

Tootie Fruity (Tootie Fruity Lifesaver)
With: Vodka, banana liqueur, Galliano, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and orange juice.

Tootsie Roll
With: Rum, maple syrup and chocolate bitters.

Turkish Delight (Persepolis)
With: Light rum, Strega, rose syrup and lime juice.

Turkish Delight (A Rose By Any Other Name)
With: Cognac, sweet vermouth, rose liqueur, violet liqueur and chocolate bitters.

Werther's Original (Buttercup Cocktail)
With: Genever, butterscotch liqueur and sweet vermouth.

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