Cocktails from The Pantry: Gin Edition

Words by Jane Ryan

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Savoury ingredients are rarely used in cocktails, instead we rely heavily on fruits and syrups, but there's several ingredients you've probably got tucked away in your pantry that could give your drinks a whole new flavour and style. These ingredients aren't just for cooking - they're for mixing with gin as well.

There's something rare and delightful about a great savoury cocktail that provides levels of salt and umami - and they're easy to make at home, after all these are ingredients you use all the time in cooking. We've selected three common items to get you started with some ultra-tasty drinks, direct from No.3 Gin's team in Aus.

As a classic London Dry gin, No.3 has three key savoury botanicals that we're playing off here, namely angelica root, Moroccan coriander seeds and cardamom pods. It's the main flavour in gin though - juniper - that also allows this spirit to work phenomenally well with salt, umami and savoury. In No.3 this translates as bold earthy spice and piney juniper.

As we're nearing the pointy end of the year, this could be a pretty epic gift option too - a very stylish bottle of No.3 Gin with some recipe suggestions for your favourite at-home bartender. If your penmanship is better than ours, these recipes would look beautiful as handmade recipe cards and best of all, they'll already have the key ingredient, a great gin to base the drinks off. You can buy a bottle for your mates, mother-in-law or boyfriend for Christmas at BoozeBud.

Spritz 2021

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Easy: Using Sea Salt
Garnish: Dried apples and a rosemary sprig.
Glass: Collins.
How to make: POUR all ingredients into glass and then fill with ice. Stir briefly to combine, garnish and serve.
45ml No. 3 Gin
100ml Dry Apple Cider*
30ml Soda
Pinch of sea salt

We say: A levelled-up spritz. For those who haven't tried a dry cider made in northern France or the UK, it's texture and gentle minerality are much closer to champagne than sweeter ciders, although they still bring in delicate apple. As for that sea salt, it's there to bring out all the flavours and really hero the gin's botanicals. The rosemary garnish adds great aroma for a full sensory experience.

*Source your dry apple cider from Brittany or Normandy in France, or Suffolk in England for the correct dry style.

Botanicals x Roots

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Medium: Using Tinned Beetroot Juice
Garnish: Thinly sliced ginger.
Glass: Rocks.
How to make: STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.
30ml No. 3 Gin
30ml demi sec Apera
30ml Aperol
5ml Tinned Beetroot Juice

We say: This vegetal twist on the classic Negroni swaps a smei-dry Apera or sherry where a sweet vermouth would normally sit, which is lighter and will introduce some additionally salty-sweet notes. Aperol has also replaced Campari, bringing in the traditional orange but adding extra sweetness. Beetroot brings umami and colour.

St James’ Sour

ency 23 image

Medium: Using Red Wine Vinegar
Garnish: Slice of stone fruit and juniper berries (if possible).
Glass: Coupe.
How to make: DRY SHAKE all ingredients. Add more ice and SHAKE again, and fine strain into chilled glass.
50ml No. 3 Gin
10ml Fresh lime
20ml Apricot nectar
10ml Red wine Vinegar
White of one egg (swap for aquafaba for vegan serve)

We say: A twist on the White Lady Cocktail, which is a simple, silky and delicious gin-laced classic with a sour finish. The St James' twist has great balance between the earthy and citrusy gin, sour and tart citrus and vinegar and sweet nectar.

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