Introducing Floral Flavours to Your Cocktails at Home

Words by Jane Ryan

Introducing Floral Flavours to Your Cocktails at Home image 1

Floral flavours in cocktails are an easy way to introduce delicate and elegant elements to your drinks. Traditionally more aromatic, these days we can translate the aromas of roses, violets and a fresh field of lavender onto our palates and into our cocktail glasses. The drinks below bring this delicate and elevated taste, specifically with elderflower, hibiscus, lavender and rose, into the world of classic cocktails, allowing the florals to shine.

But beware, florals are both delicious and risky, the risk being you overpower the cocktail and end up with something soapy as opposed to tasty. It's for this reason we always put our trust in liqueurs and syrups made to a consistent standard - and we'd recommend you do too.


ency 11 imageFloral Daiquiri
With: Blueberries. light rum, lime juice, Monin Lavender syrup, elderflower liqueur
We say: A floral riff on a classic Daiquiri with a hint of berry fruitiness and a lavender pink hue courtesy of a blueberry threesome.

ency 64 imageEarly Spring
With: Rhubarb flavoured vodka, Monin Lavender syrup, lemon juice and soda water.
We say: Rhubarb flavours shine in this tall floral lavender sour.

ency 50 imageLavender Margarita
With: Reposado tequila, Monin Lavender syrup, lime juice.
We say: As the name suggests, a floral lavender-influenced Margarita.

Grab a bottle of Monin Lavender syrup here.


ency 91 imageRosalia Margarita
With: Blanco tequila, Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter, lemon juice and Monin Rose syrup.
We say: Delicately bittersweet with balancing citrus sourness and rich floral rose which combine brilliantly with the agave notes of the blanco tequila.

ency 40 imagePersepolis
With: Light rum, Strega liqueur, Monin Rose syrup and lime juice. Garnished with a slice of Turkish Delight.
We say: With its strong rose flavour, the Persepolis is somewhat reminiscent of a Turkish Delight so is very appropriately garnished.

ency 40 imageWild Rose Margarita
With: Blanco tequila, orange liqueur, americano rosso, Monin Rose syrup, lime juice and gin.
We say: This drink fromMakina Labrecque, Calgary, Canada, won PatrĂ³n Margarita of the Year. A beautiful marriage of flavours that accentuates rather than masks the tequila.

ency 67 imageBouquet
With: Gin, lemon juice, Monin Rose syrupand honey syrup.
We say: Rose delicately flavours gin with a sweet and sour balance provided by honey and lemon.

Grab a bottle of Monin Rose syrup here.


ency 28 image Ascetico
With: Light rum, riesling wine, Monin Elderflower syrup, balsamic vinegar of Modena.
We say: Inspired by the complexity of simple ingredients, such as the complex sweetness and aroma of a wine whose grapes have been matured for longer and the beautiful floral notes of elderflower. A great, almost Martini-like rum drink.

ency 24 imageElder Tea
With: Whisky (Japanese or Scotch), Monin Elderflower syrup, lime juice and green tea.
We say: A stunning example of a tea cocktail, here the tea adds a bit of body, tannin structure and sweetness to complement the whisky while the elderflower lends sweetness and delicate floral notes.

Grab a bottle of Monin Elderflower syrup here.


ency 97 image Ascetico
With: Reposado tequila, lime juice and Monin Hibiscus syrup.
We say: Hibiscus combines wonderfully with tequila in this flavoursome Margarita.

ency 30 imageElegance
With: Light rum, elderflower liqueur, Monin Hibiscus syrup, lime juice, egg white and Brut Champagne.
We say: A frothy flora sour that elegantly combines elderflower, hibiscus and the vanilla grassy nights of a light rum.

Grab a bottle of Monin Hibiscus syrup here.

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