20 best Prosecco cocktails

Words by Simon Difford

Photography by Dan Malpass

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With its dry biscuity flavours, champagne offers upmarket decadence while prosecco is lighter, fruitier, and arguably altogether more fun and frivolous. In cocktail recipes, prosecco's persona is most often plays out in spritz-style drinks, its fruity richness balancing bittersweet aperitivo liqueurs and/or white wine's tart acidity.

Follows our pick of 20 cocktails in which prosecco plays a key role – even if just as a bit part.

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Aperol Spritz
With: Prosecco, Aperol aperitivo & soda water.
We say: Slightly sweet, herbal, refreshing & quaffable.

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Apple & Blackberry Spritz
With: White wine, crème de mûre, sour apple liqueur, and prosecco.
We say: The name aptly describes this cocktail.

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Bellini (Difford's Recipe)
With: Peach purée, peach schnapps, lemon juice, and & prosecco.
We say: It's hard not to like this blend of peaches and sparkling wine. Lemon juice adds balance and a citrusy bite while peach schnapps boosts peachy flavour.

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Death in Venice
With: Campari bitter liqueur, grapefruit bitters, and prosecco.
We say: Something of a cross between an Italian Spritz and Ernest Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon.

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Fruit Cup Spritz
With: Prosecco, bianco vermouth, triple sec liqueur, rosso vermouth and soda water.
We say: A light summery spritz with flavours reminiscent of Pimm's.

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With: Prosecco, elderflower liqueur, and soda water.
We say: Our recipe is light on elderflower liqueur to make a relatively dry version of the Hugo.

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Jamie's Mojito
With: Rum blend, bianco vermouth, lime juice, sugar syrup, fresh lime, mint leaves, and prosecco.
We say: A light Mojito made more complex with bianco vermouth.

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With: Light white rum, amaretto, Navy rum, white overproof rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, and prosecco.
We say: Try saying this cocktail's name after a few of these rum-laced, tropical pineapple concoctions.

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King of Orange
With: Vodka, Grand Marnier liqueur, Campari bitter liqueur, lemon juice, and prosecco.
We say: Bittersweet, with the richness of Grand Marnier balancing the bittersweet liqueur and lemon juice.

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La Cola Nostra
With: Aged Martinique agricole rum, amaro, pimento dram liqueur, lime juice, sugar syrup, and prosecco.
We say: We do like a pun and this one is a particularly tasty aperitivo.

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La Dolce Vita
With: Green grapes, vodka, honey, orange bitters, and prosecco.
We say: Complex, yet easy to quaff, with a touch of fizz adding some sparkle.

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Le Commercant (The Merchant)
With: Cognac, Dubonnet Red, lime juice, sugar syrup, Peychaud's bitters, and prosecco.
We say: A balance between citrus and berry sweetness forms the heart of this cognac-based cocktail.

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Limoncello Spritz
With: Prosecco, limoncello, and soda water.
We say: Zesty, almost creamy, lemon enlivened with fizz.

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Milanese Breakfast Martini
With: Gin, orange marmalade, Campari bitter liqueur, lemon juice, and prosecco.
We say: A fruity but dry aperitif drink served 'up' but with a hint of sparkle from prosecco.

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Mrs Daisy Robinson
With: Pisco, pineapple sugar syrup, grapefruit juice, lime juice, Peychaud's & prosecco
We say: Pisco and pineapple are a match made in heaven and sit at the centre of this prosecco-charged celebratory sour.

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Old Cuban Highball
With: Mint leaves, rum, lime juice, sugar syrup, and prosecco
We say: A tasty bite-sized alternative to a Mojito.

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Raspberry Frangipane Spritz
With: Crème de framboise, amaretto, vanilla liqueur, coconut rum, butterscotch liqueur, prosecco, and soda water
We say: Just like the eponymously named dessert this slightly sweet spritz is flavoured with raspberry, almond, vanilla and coconut. Butterscotch liqueur adds a biscuity note.

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Sgroppino/ Sorbetto
With: Vodka, cream/half-and-half, prosecco, and lemon sorbet.
We say: Smooth and all too easy to quaff. A great dessert.

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Spritz Al Bitter (Spritz Veneziano)
With: Prosecco, Campari bitter liqueur and soda water.
We say: Basically a Spritzer with a generous splash of Italian red bitter liqueur - dry and very refreshing. The perfect aperitivo.

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The Moment
With: Light rum, pomegranate juice, prosecco, lemon juice, amaro, and sugar syrup.
We say:Pomegranate combines brilliantly with the rum and the other ingredients adding depth and complexity.

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