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As the world falls in love with all things Brazilian, thanks to the 2016 Olympics and 2014 football World Cup, it’s the humble Caipirinha that’s finding its way onto menus across the globe. But, as great as the classic Caipirinha is, there’s more you can do with Brazil’s national spirit. Here are ten cocktails to make which don’t involve muddling limes.

Beja Flor

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A sharp, dry cocktail with a sweet banana twang, the Beja Flor mixes cachaça, triple sec, banana liqueur and lemon juice.

Click here for the Beja Flor recipe.

Lemon Beat

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This is a simple blend of cachaça, honey and lemon yet makes for an impressive drink. However it's important to use quality cachaça and honey for the recipe.

Click here for the Lemon Beat recipe.

You've Got Mail

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A twist on a twist - this cocktail is an adaptation of Dave Wondrich's adaptation of the classic Airmail. It involves cachaça and citrus balanced by honey and topped with champagne.

Click here for the You've Got Mail recipe.

Batida de Abacaxi

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A Batida (meaning 'shake') is a traditional Brazilian drink and 'abacaxi' means pineapple in Portuguese, the official language of Brazil. It should therefore come as no surprise that this drink is a mix of cachaca, pineapple juice, milk and sugar. It's an easy crowd pleaser that is creamy, fruity and only vaguely alcoholic to taste.

Click here for the Batida de Abacaxi recipe.

Azure Martini

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A tangy cocktail which we think is reminiscent of a cinnamon laced apple pie. It was created in 1998 by Ben Reed at the Met Bar, London, and originally made with muddled fresh apple.

Click here for the Azure Cocktail recipe.

Banana Flambe

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The Banana Flambe is a complex drink to make and was invented by Mauricio 'Tony' Harion from Mixing Bar Consulting, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Its base is a mixture of cognac and vodka but half a shot of cachaça makes it in alongside cinnamon, sugar, orange and lemon juice and a banana.

Click here for the Azure Martini recipe.

Brazilian Nail

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A rift on the classic nail using cachaca as the main base spirit with a hint of Scotch maintaining its lineage to the Drambuie Nail family. Created in 2010 by Jamie Stephenson, Manchester.

Click here for the Brazilian Nail recipe.


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The Maçã, which means apple in Portuguese, is a recipe created in 2007 by Jamie Terrell, in New York when he was working for Sagatiba. The cocktail is a subtle combination of cachaça, fresh lime, apple juice and elderflower.

Click here for the Maçã recipe.

Sophisticated Savage

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A sour drink with a decent kick leading into a smooth and subtle finish. The mix of Tuaca liqueur, cachaça, lime juice and egg white was created by Poul Jensen in Brighton.

Click here for the Sophisticated Savage recipe.

Brazilian Berry

A combination of wine, cachaça and rich berry fruits, this drink was created in 2002 by Dan Spink at Browns, St Martin's Lane, London.

Click here for the Brazilian Berry recipe.

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