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Happy Birthday, Switzerland! image
1st August

Happy Birthday, Switzerland!

In early August 1291, representatives of Switzerland’s different cantons met in a field above Lake Lucerne and joined forces to work against the Austrian

Peter O'Toole's birthday image
2nd August

Peter O'Toole's birthday

One of the world's great drinkers, a buddy of hellraisers Richard Harris and Richard Burton, and the most-nominated lead actor never to win an Academy

National Watermelon Day image
3rd August

National Watermelon Day

We have America to thank for National Watermelon Day which falls annually on this day. Why the 3rd August? Who cares, it's a good excuse to eat a watermelon,

Champagne's birthday (allegedly) image
4th August

Champagne's birthday (allegedly)

Come quickly, I am drinking the stars! the Benedictine monk Dom Pérignon allegedly exclaimed when, on the suspiciously precise date of 4th August 1693,

We're remembering Richard Burton image
5th August

We're remembering Richard Burton

The love of Elizabeth Taylor's life, one of the most-nominated actors never to have won an Oscar, and the most celebrated British actor never to have been

Jamaican Independence Day image
6th August

Jamaican Independence Day

This day in 1962, after 300 years of British rule, the Union Jack was ceremonially lowered and the new Jamaican flag proudly hoisted aloft as Jamaica declared

Henry C. Ramos' birthday image
7th August

Henry C. Ramos' birthday

The man who is arguably New Orleans's most famous bartender, Henry Charles Ramos, generally known as Carl, made his appearance on this day in 1856 in Indiana,

The Dollar's birthday image
8th August

The Dollar's birthday

During the 1700s, the first worldwide currency appeared. And, no, it wasn't the US dollar, but a Spanish silver coin with a value of eight Spanish reales,

Singapore National Day image
9th August

Singapore National Day

Very few countries are blessed with an instantly recognisable national cocktail – yet Singapore, which celebrates its independence from Malaysia this

Magellan heads round the world image
10th August

Magellan heads round the world

One of the world's greatest navigators and captains, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan set out from Seville, Spain, on this day in 1519, in command

U.S. President outlaws Russia image
11th August

U.S. President outlaws Russia

On this day in 1984, while testing the microphone prior to his weekly scheduled radio address, President Ronald Reagan joked, My fellow Americans, I am

The Glorious Twelfth image
12th August

The Glorious Twelfth

Today is a great day for gourmets. If not such a good day for grouse. It is, of course, the Glorious Twelfth, the day when the shooting season opens in

Prosecco Day image
13th August

Prosecco Day

One of the most sold sparkling wines in both the USA and UK, prosecco adds a touch of Italian sparkle to numerous cocktails.

Power failures across NE America image
14th August

Power failures across NE America

This day in 2003, a domino effect, thought to have started by a power plant in Ohio unexpectedly shutting down, led to power cuts in successive states

Anniversary of Woodstock image
15th August

Anniversary of Woodstock

On this day in 1969, half a million hippies rolled up to a farm in upstate New York for the world's most famous one off music festival, Woodstock. Billed

International Rum Day image
16th August

International Rum Day

August 16th is National Rum Day in the United States so for the rest of us it's International Rum Day - because, let's face it, there's never a bad day

Air Mail's birthday image
17th August

Air Mail's birthday

On this day in 1859, balloonist John Wise attempted the first ever mail delivery by air - taking to the skies in Lafayette, Indiana, and aiming for New

Helium was discovered this day image
18th August

Helium was discovered this day

This day in 1868, the moon blotted out the sun, causing a total eclipse of the type that has panicked civilisations since time immemorial. Very far from

Aviation Day in the US image
19th August

Aviation Day in the US

It's Aviation Day in the US - and has been since 1939, when President Roosevelt decided that Orville Wright's birthday would be National Aviation Day.

World Mosquito Day image
20th August

World Mosquito Day

Mosquitoes don't actually bite humans - they don’t have teeth. The reality is more shocking. Mozzies drive their serrated proboscis through the skin

Theft Makes Mona Lisa's Name image
21st August

Theft Makes Mona Lisa's Name

For all her famous smile, and for all Da Vinci's talents, it is intriguing that the Mona Lisa has become the world's most famous artwork.

Tooth Fairy Day image
22nd August

Tooth Fairy Day

Today is National Tooth Fairy Day in the US and it seems like the kind of day we should be celebrating internationally. After all, as a force for good

Sponge Cake Day image
23rd August

Sponge Cake Day

The sponge cake has conquered the world with versions popular in countries across Europe and as far afield as Malaya, but it is the Americans we have to

The British torched the White House on this day image
24th August

The British torched the White House on this day

Two hundred years ago, Britain and the US were at war: Native American tribes had asked the British to help them fend off the Americans, who were in any

Whiskey Sour Day image
25th August

Whiskey Sour Day

They have a day for everything in the States and today is National Whiskey Sour Day in America, a wonderful excuse to revisit this classic cocktail and

New colour transforms science image
26th August

New colour transforms science

In 1856, a teenage chemistry prodigy, William Perkin, accidentally invented a new colour. His discovery, mauveine, which he patented on this day, would

The 1st interplanetary mission's anniversary image
27th August

The 1st interplanetary mission's anniversary

Venus may be named for the goddess of love, but she's a savage planet. The surface temperature reaches around 500°C (over 900°F), the atmosphere is as

Harry Johnson's birthday image
28th August

Harry Johnson's birthday

Known as the Dean of Drink - in contrast to Jerry Thomas' Professor - Harry Johnson, one of the pioneers of bartending, was born on this day in 1845 in

Harry Craddock's birthday image
29th August

Harry Craddock's birthday

The Savoy's most famous bartender, and the name behind the Savoy Cocktail Book, which was based on a series of recipe cards he'd built up over his long

Angostura Bitters' Birthday image
30th August

Angostura Bitters' Birthday

On this day in 1921 Dr J.B. Siegert & Sons medicinal liquor company, which had been marketing bitters out of first Venezuela then Trinidad for almost a

Independence Day in Trinidad And Tobago image
31st August

Independence Day in Trinidad And Tobago

Any excuse for a party in the Caribbean: today Trinidadians and Tobagonians are bringing out the steel drums, calypso, limbo dancers and rum for an all-day