25 June

Catfish Day

Fish House Punch

So we are drinking a...

Fish House Punch

Catfish Day? Who ever knew there was one, and why there even is one... but it does give us the perfect excuse to make our variation on a famous punch recipe, the Fish House Punch, which is believed to have originated at a Philadelphia fishing and social club.

Precisely when the drink was first made remains unknown, but drinks historian David Wondrich says the first written reference to it appeared in 1794. Whatever its origins, it would originally have been mixed in larger quantities and served from a big bowl.

The following poem may be recited when serving this cocktail:

There's a little place just out of town
Where, if you go to lunch
They'll make you forget your mother-in-law
With a drink called Fish House Punch.

It's the anniversary of John Christie's death sentence

This day back in 1953, one of Britain's worst serial killers, John Christie, was sentenced to death for precisely one of the murders he had committed. Yes, even though three decomposing bodies had been found in his kitchen, and he had confessed to murdering at least six women, he was tried for just one murder: his wife's.

The Christie case would help transform British justice, and lead to the abolition of capital punishment. Why? Because a man named Timothy Evans, one of Christie's lodgers, had already been hanged for the murder of his wife and child - despite claiming at his trial that Christie had done it.

It's rare that anything good comes out of evil, but today was one of those days, so we're marking today with a Devil's Horn, a sweet and sour chilli thing created by Barcelona's Roger Vilalta.

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