9 November

The Berlin Wall toppled this day

Berlin Sour

So we are drinking a...

Berlin Sour

On this day in 1989, protestors tore down the Berlin Wall, which had divided communist East Germany from capitalist West Germany since 1961.

The wall was a potent symbol of Communist power. Many would-be escapees died on its barbed wire or were shot down in the attempt to rejoin friends and family, or simply gain their freedom, in the West. Audiences around the world watched in awe as folk tore down the wall, quite literally slab by slab - some mercantile folk saving their pieces for future sale as souvenirs. It was a great moment for Germany, a great moment for the world, and a signal that a new era was beginning, as the Iron Curtain that had divided Europe fell, live on international TV.

We are commemorating this amazing day with a Berlin Sour.

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