21 November

Gingerbread Cookie Day

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned

So we are drinking a...

Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned

With a hint of warming spice, gingerbread cookies are the perfect autumn treat (unless you're the gingerbread man of course). So cosy up and indulge in a gingerbread cookie on its celebratory day.

Gingerbread has been around pretty much since the dawn of time, but one of our favourite facts is that Queen Elizabeth I asked her bakers to make gingerbread figures in the likeness of certain foreign dignitaries and presented their likeness to them as gifts when they visited.

Gingerbread is almost an art form in Germany now, where their version of gingerbread cookies, Liebkuchen, has been around for 400 years. These cookies are often heart-shaped and include messages of love written in icing in the centre; the perfect gift to pick up at a German market for loved ones.

Gingerbread houses have been hugely popular since featuring in the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, where the children are lured into the edible home of an evil witch. Now, we decorate these houses for fun, and in 2013, the world's largest gingerbread house was built in Texas that stood over 39 feet high and amounted to a whopping 36 million calories.

To celebrate, we were going to recommend a Gingerbread Old Fashioned, but why have a mere Gingerbread Old Fashioned when you can have a Gingerbread Tequila Old Fashioned.

World Television Day

In 1996, against considerable opposition, the United Nations proclaimed today World Television Day, a chance to highlight the role of communications, good and bad, in raising awareness of global issues.

We Brits, of course, are lucky enough to have our very own national broadcaster, the BBC, affectionately known to many of a certain age as Auntie, and to others as the Beeb, on both radio and television.

Will you be watching telly tonight? Or doing something more interesting instead? Either way, we recommend you check out the Nights Watch cocktail, or opt for a classic BBC.

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