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International Coffee Day image
1st October

International Coffee Day

In 2015, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) launched International Coffee Day. Observed annually on the 1st of October, this is a day to celebrate

Twickenham Stadium opened image
2nd October

Twickenham Stadium opened

Twickenham Stadium, in south-west London, opened on this day in 1909 with a match between the Harlequins and Richmond rugby union clubs.

German Unity Day image
3rd October

German Unity Day

Tag der Deutschen Einheit, or German Unity Day, today commemorates the reunification of Germany and is marked by political speeches, a Bürgerfest (citizens'

It's International Vodka Day image
4th October

It's International Vodka Day

Our friends across the pond have given us a reason to celebrate. In America the 4th October is National Vodka Day, so by extension for the rest of us it

World Teachers Day image
5th October

World Teachers Day

Quiet at the back! No sniggering. Today is World Teachers Day, a chance to celebrate the role this often-maligned profession plays in all our lives.

Mad Hatter Day image
6th October

Mad Hatter Day

The Mad Hatter in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland wears, as we all know, a top hat.

National Frappe Day image
7th October

National Frappe Day

An American National Day marked annually on October 7th, National Frappé Day is designed to celebrate the blended coffee drink of the same name that's

International Octopus Day image
8th October

International Octopus Day

Octopuses are of course known for their eight semi-autonomous arms lined with thousands of suckers. But this remarkable creature also has blue blood coursing

Anniversary of Che Guevara's death image
9th October

Anniversary of Che Guevara's death

On this day in 1967, Bolivian paramilitaries, working with the CIA, executed Che Guevara, and spawned a thousand T-shirts.

World Porridge Day image
10th October

World Porridge Day

Did you start your day with a bowl of porridge? Whatever you had for breakfast, consider yourself lucky – many others start their day chronically hungry.

Bartending legend Trader Vic died on this day image
11th October

Bartending legend Trader Vic died on this day

Gentleman bartender and gentleman scoundrel, one-legged rumour monger and foul-mouthed Tiki deity, Victor Trader Vic Bergeron died on this day in 1984

Today is National Day in Spain image
12th October

Today is National Day in Spain

Every day's a holiday somewhere, and the good folk of Spain have a holiday today to celebrate their national day - the Fiesta Nacional de España.

GMT's birthday image
13th October

GMT's birthday

Pedants may call it UTC, but to us the time will always be GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time. And it was on this day in 1884 that GMT, or the time in London's

Fifty Pence Piece's birthday image
14th October

Fifty Pence Piece's birthday

Ever wondered why the British 50p piece was such a weird shape? Well, when the Royal Mint introduced it, on this day in 1969, the UK was in the run-up

Anniversary of the Land Speed Record image
15th October

Anniversary of the Land Speed Record

The Land Speed Record was set this day in 1997 by Andy Green in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.

National Liqueur Day image
16th October

National Liqueur Day

Of all the unofficial National Holidays to emerge from the USA, National Liqueur Day is surely one of the highlights of the calendar.

London flooded with beer image
17th October

London flooded with beer

This day in 1814 was very lucky for a handful of Londoners (though sadly rather unlucky for others) when a 7 metre (23 foot) tall vat holding 610,000 litres

Cravat Day image
18th October

Cravat Day

By order of the Croatian Parliament, no less, today is Cravat Day, a chance to celebrate the humble tie in all its forms and practice Croatian pride.

International Gin and Tonic Day image
19th October

International Gin and Tonic Day

Founded in 2010 (according to Wikipedia) and celebrated annually worldwide on the 19th October, International Gin & Tonic Day is just as it sounds –

World Calvados Day image
20th October

World Calvados Day

The folk at Avallen Calvados launched World Calvados Day in 2020 to celebrate the French apple brandy.

National Mezcal Day image
21st October

National Mezcal Day

Perhaps this page should read 'International Mezcal Day', as although this 'National Day' is an all American creation there are a great many of us around

Texas elected its first President image
22nd October

Texas elected its first President

On this day in 1836, Sam Houston - sound familiar? - became the first elected president of the Republic of Texas, a nation that would exist for only a

Anniversary of El Alamein image
23rd October

Anniversary of El Alamein

Hemingway geeks will, of course, be aware that the great man liked his Martinis like he liked most drinks - strong on booze. But on the anniversary of

United Nations Day image
24th October

United Nations Day

On this day in 1945, as the world struggled to cope with the aftermath of World War II and a strange new world order, the United Nations came into being

World Pasta Day image
25th October

World Pasta Day

Today is the one and only, official, World Pasta Day. And, no, that's not an internet invention. Today really IS World Pasta Day. And to commemorate it,

Anniversary of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral image
26th October

Anniversary of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

The now-famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral was a shootout between lawmen and a group of outlaws called the Cowboys. It occurred this day in 1881 at Tombstone,

The NYC Subway opened this day image
27th October

The NYC Subway opened this day

The New York City Subway opened this day in 1904 when at 2:35pm Mayor George McClellan took the controls on the inaugural journey. It is one of the world's

The Volstead Act was passed this day image
28th October

The Volstead Act was passed this day

On this day in 1919 the US Congress voted the Eighteenth Amendment, AKA the Volstead Act, AKA the National Prohibition Act, into law, following a bill

The anniversary of The Wall Street Crash image
29th October

The anniversary of The Wall Street Crash

This day in 1929 was known as Black Tuesday, the day when the US stock market lost over $14 billion in a single day, an event that most consider marks

Devil's Night image
30th October

Devil's Night

In Detroit, and other parts of the US, tonight is Devil's Night, a variation on the old English Mischief Night, a night of devilry and pranks.

Halloween Cocktails image
31st October

Halloween Cocktails

Ghosts and goblins, gargoyles and graves: it's that time of year again to cut up old sheets, paint on the fake blood, stock up on sweets and make a good