6 September

Porn Star Martini Day

Porn Star Martini

So we are drinking a...

Porn Star Martini

What would be the most befitting date in the year for such an auspicious event as Porn Star Martini Day? The answer, with every possible pun intended, is of course 6/9 – today. Hoorah!

Whether, or if, sadly departed Douglas Ankrah had any particular pornstar in mind when he renamed the cocktail he originally created in 2002 as the Maverick Martini is unknown, but his choice of name helped set this fruity number on course to be one of the UK's most popular cocktails.

Created in the teens (sadly for our puns, not the noughties), this cocktail is something of a 1980s tribute but like so many of the cocktails from the 80s when well-made with quality ingredients, the Porn Star Martini is both balanced and tasty. Fresh fruit is key to this balance – the sourness of lime juice and tart passion fruit flesh, both feature in our Porn Star recipe. Seeing as today's Porn Star Martini Day, go the whole way and splash out on a bottle of champagne to accompany it.

From Plymouth to... Plymouth

The Mayflower first set sail for America on around 5 August 1620, yet her partner ship, the Speedwell, sprang a leak.

A couple of weeks later, both Speedwell and Mayflower set out again, only for the Speedwell to prove unseaworthy yet again. Finally, on 6 September the Mayflower embarked from Plymouth, England, on an epic voyage that would terminate in Plymouth, Massachusetts - without the Speedwell. Some of the Speedwell's passengers had squeezed on board the Mayflower, while others had given up and gone home.

In honour of those first few Pilgrims, who fled a religiously intolerant Europe for a new land and freedom, we are drinking the Mayflower Martini, not actually a true Martini, it is a floral, juicy blend of orchard fruit and flowers.

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