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Toby Cecchini

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New York City

Bartender, author and bar owner

New York City

Toby is a writer, bartender and bar owner based in New York City. He began bartending at the Manhattan’s Odeon in 1987, where he is credited with creating the internationally recognized version of the Cosmopolitan cocktail. He followed that with stints in several bars including Passerby, which he owned until 2008. After logging time at both Death and Company and Fort Defiance, Toby turned his attention to opening his own place again which he did unveiling The Long Island Bar in Brooklyn, which opened to wide acclaim in 2013.

Toby has written on food, wine and spirits for GQ, Food and Wine, Saveur, and The New York Times. His first book, Cosmopolitan: A Bartender's Life, was published in 2003. He is currently at work on his second book, a travelogue of spirits based on his travels for The New York Times' Living and travel magazines.

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