Good Things Brewing Co.


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Status Operational
Established: 2019
Visitor Policy: Visitors welcome some of the year
Tel: +44 (0)20 7780 7499
Founded by Chris Drummond in 2018, Good Things is striving to be one of the world's most sustainable breweries and uses in-house designed, custom-built revolutionary equipment to recycle everything used in the beer-making process, from water to grain. Most notable among the equipment in this most unusual brewery is the "world's first low-energy, large scale, solar-powered dehydrator" which is used to dry the spent grain so it can then be milled using a traditional stone mill to produce wholemeal flour.


Rendlye Farm, The Barn
Sandhill Lane
Eridge, Tunbridge Wells
West Sussex
United Kingdom

Our friends at Good Things Brewing are "Making the beer we love better for the world we love."

Good Things "is the first closed-loop, fully sustainable brewery." They bore their own water, create their own power and turn their spent brewer's grain into flour which is used all over from pizza restaurants to bakeries.


  • bore their own water from 63 meters below the brewery
  • power the brewery with a 50kw array of photovoltaic solar panels
  • turn spent grain, a by-product of the brewing process, in to flour
  • use cans instead of bottles due to being lighter to transport and because aluminum is in around 95% circulation
  • are now work on treating their waste on site through reed beds
  • deliver beer in an electric van charged at the brewery from their our on site solar panels