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Coldpress is a new brand of packed fruit juices which are unusual due to not being heat pasteurised, as is commonplace with many other packaged juices to extend shelf life. Even ‘flash’ pasteurisation, a process which heats to above 70°C and quickly cools the juice affects the taste, colour, aroma and nutrition of the juice.

Coldpress juices are “high pressure processed” (HPP) in place of heat to pasteurisation. The fruit is crushed or juiced and filtered before filling the specially designed hexagonal bottles. The bottles are sealed and then load into the HPP machine which is then closed and filled with water at 4°C and pressurised to around six times more pressure than the bottom of the ocean floor at 600MPa. The extreme pressure kills micro microorganisms to extend shelf life but without the heat of conventional pasteurisation. The Coldpress bottles are not crushed by the pressure due to the surrounding cold water which ensures the pressure is evenly distributed.

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