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Status Operational
Established: 1821
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Via Romana 42
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Girolamo Luxardo (1784 – 1865) rightly sits at the top of this page as he was the founding father of the company that named after him and now run by his fifth, sixth and seventh generation descendants. The maraschino liqueur he created back in 1821 is still his family’s flagship product – one that now sits proudly on the back bar of the world’s best bars.

The essence of Luxardo is described by Franco Luxardo as "tradition, family and quality". These have endured through the many decades of Luxardo company history and are alive and well in the hands of the younger family members who act as custodians and representatives of the brand.

The video above introduces some of the current Luxardo family members active in the business, including Franco Luxardo (5th generation), Matteo Luxardo (6th generation) and Nicolo and Gaia Luxardo (both 7th generation).

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Members of the Luxardo family today (from left to right)

Giorgio Luxardo (procurement and EDP manager)
Piero Luxardo (president and sales director for the Italian market)
Franco Luxardo (export director)
Guido Luxardo (general manager)
Matteo Luxardo (export manager)
Filippo Luxardo (marketing Italy)

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