Photography by diffordsguide.com

Words by Lukas Raschilla

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Address: 267 Cleveland Street, Redfern, NSW, 2016, Australia
Website: View bar's website
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 5pm-12am; Sunday: 12pm-10pm
Style: Restaurant bar
Recommended for: Cocktails, Food, Spirits, Decor
Food: Full menu


Head down the heavy weathered wooden door on Cleveland St in Sydney's inner-city suburb of Redfern and you'll pleasantly be transported to the Viking Era at The Speakeasy Group's Mjølner Restaurant. You'll see Thor's hammer perched proudly on the bar, courtesy of The Balvenie, which stores, you guessed it, whisky, and guests can opt to have a dram from the hammer ("Hammer Time" as the staff like to call it). The back bar is full of whisk(e)y, taking a note from the Group's premier beer and whiskey venue Boilermaker House. As for non-whisk(e)y options, there's an impressive wine list designed to pair with the food menu and a full cocktail bar with Viking inspired drinks adding to the theme.

This place is unequivocally Scandinavian and unapologetically Viking. One glance around the room and you can see it; ropes, fur rugs adorning the floors and walls, long wooden tables, swords, axes, helmets, horns (from which you can drink mead), complemented by fridges housing carcasses and large pieces of semi-butchered meat.

The food menu is dedicated to whole animal cooking and carving, but vegetarians don't despair, there is a section dedicated to you and it's delicious! The menu is divided into four sections; bird, fish, beast and vegetarian with cured meats also a focus. Perhaps the coolest feature of the dining experience is "Choosing your weapon", where the waitstaff bust out a leather knife roll to provide guests with a number of heavy and uniquely shaped handmade knives to choose from to help you tackle your meal.

If you're feeling a little like harnessing your inner Rangar Lothbrok or simply want to indulge in great food, ample whisk(e)y, and cocktails in one of the finest settings, push through the wooden doors and choose your weapon.

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