Silver Lining

Address: 75 Murray Street, New York, NY , 10007, United States
Tel: +1 212 513 1234
Website: Not supplied
Style: Cocktail bar
Recommended for: Cocktails
Price guide: High-end
Owned by: Sasha Petraske

Review last reviewed on 2012-04-01

This offshoot of Sasha Petraske's empire feels like its cramped sibling Little Branch, but with more space and less attitude. The Bogardus Building in TriBeCa is a gorgeous architectural landmark from 1858. The Silver Lining is downstairs, occupying a basement space that feels sophisticated, with dim lighting, booths lining the walls, and a large bar jutting out into the room. You might found yourself standing a little straighter and wishing for more elegant clothes, as you take in the Art Deco accents and the excellent jazz trio.

The cocktail list is oddly citrus-focused, with every drink on the short menu - aside from the Cobbler and a bartender's choice - booasting some form of sour. I love Corpse Revivers and Palomas and La Floriditas, but I was surprised there wasn't more variety listed. Still, I enjoyed an aromatic Pineau Cobbler with Pineau des Charentes, curacao, lemon, muddled fruit, and pebbled ice, and dreamed of summertime.

There's always the option of bartender's choice, and that where the Silver Lining really shone. A Cobble Hill - rye, Montenegro amaro, dry vermouth and cucumber manages to be simultaneously boozy, light, and herbal. My friend's New York Flip was wonderful and rich, with a complex finish from its bourbon and tawny port.

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