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Cocktails Made Easy

Make 100s of cocktails at home just using things from your pantry, a 10 Bottle Bar + your favourite base spirit: vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, brandy etc...

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3 Ingredient Cocktails

Most of the enduring classic cocktails comprise just three ingredients e.g. rum+lime+sugar=Daiquiri. A few, such as the Negroni consist of three equal

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Cocktail Hall of Fame

The following 258 cocktails are the preeminent and best-known of the 5,000+ cocktails on Difford's Guide and, subject to ingredients, these are all cocktails

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12 best Celery cocktails

Crunchy succulent celery screams summer and Waldorf salad or even a Waldorf Daiquiri (see below). That distinctive crunch hides the fact that celery is

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Adapted from a recipe in W. J. Tarling's 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book where the invention of this cocktail is credited to A. L. Jones. (Our thanks to

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Café Colonial

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Alberto Martinez at 1862 Dry Bar in Madrid, Spain.

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Tears of Joy

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Tess Posthumus at Flying Dutchmen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Best pineapple liqueur cocktails

Good pineapple liqueurs are a fairly recent development as the enzymes in the fruit make infusing fresh pineapples in alcohol to produce a stable and tasty

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20 best Pineapple cocktails

Pineapples are luxuriant and tropical, their rich fruitiness balanced by an enlivening cutting acidity. Pineapple blends harmoniously with all spirits

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Watermelon cocktails

Watermelon cocktails shout summer and you can enjoy the succulent flavour of watermelon without all the faff of chopping up football-sized fruit by using

Elderflower Cocktails - with elderflower liqueur image

Elderflower Cocktails - with elderflower liqueur

Elderflower liqueurs are delicately flavoured, aromatic and floral. Elderflower mixes brilliantly with pretty much every spirit, both white and brown,

Cherry Brandy Cocktails - 20 best image

Cherry Brandy Cocktails - 20 best

Two cocktails are synonymous for their use of cherry brandy: Blood & Sand and Singapore Sling, and as illustrated by these two classics, cherry brandy

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Julep cocktails

Juleps are tall drinks served over crushed ice and based on a spirit, liqueur, wine or fortified wine. They are most often served with fresh mint in julep

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Why you should keep an eye on Mexico

There is no way I'm going back to Mexico. I can't stand to be in a country that is more surrealist than my paintings. - Salvador Dalí

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Tears in Heaven

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Giacomo Gianotti at Paradiso, Barcelona, Spain.

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Best Blue Curaçao cocktails

Blue curaçao equals BLUE DRINKS, or at least various shades of aquamarine. There are numerous other orange-flavoured liqueurs but blue curaçao stands

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Back To Black

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Thomas Girard, Head bartender at Operation Dagger, Singapore.

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Spring cocktails

Spring has sprung – well at least it has here in the northern hemisphere. It's time to rediscover the delights of floral cocktails – think elderflower

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Pedaling Diplomat

Adapted from a recipe by Iván Villegas, created after being inspired by Martini Ciclismo 2020 La Cassica. Iván says, As we crossed the villages and cruised

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Maria Soto Robbins

Adapted from a recipe created in 2020 by Ian Burrell.