Blue Blazer

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4 fl oz Dewar's 12 Year Old Scotch whisky
4 fl oz Boiling water
1 spoon Powdered sugar
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How to make:

You will need two large silver-plated tankards with handles. Preheat these with boiling water and warm the whisky. POUR the whisky into one tankard and fresh boiling water into the other. Ignite the whisky using a long match and while still blazing pour the whisky into the other tankard. Then mix ingredients by pouring them from one tankard to the other. The foolhardy increase the distance between the tankards as they pour, thus creating a spectacular long blue flame between the two. Extinguish flame by covering flaming tankard with base of the other tankard, pour into glass and sweeten to taste by stirring in powdered sugar.

WARNING - please practice with water first to perfect your method. Stand on a non-flammable floor and have suitable fire-fighting equipment nearby. The following recipe makes two drinks.


Lemon zest twist


The showy way to make a simple hot whisky punch.


For the full story behind the origins of the Blue Blazer variations on this drink see our Blazer cocktails page.


746 Calories

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