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Base Spirit: Rum - pot still Jamaican
Style: Top 100 Best Known Cocktails

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Base Spirit: Whisky - Blended Scotch whisky
Style: Herbal

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Base Spirit: Vodka

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini image

Dreamy Dorini Smoking Martini

Base Spirit: Whisky - Islay single malt Scotch whisky
Style: Martini-style

French Kiwi & Apple Caipirinha image

French Kiwi & Apple Caipirinha

Base Spirit: Cachaça
Style: Fruity (e.g. Pornstar Martini)

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Greta Garbo

Base Spirit: Rum - White (charcoal-filtered) 1-3 year old light

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Base Spirit: Whiskey - Straight rye whiskey

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Nicky Finn

Base Spirit: Cognac

Northern Lights image

Northern Lights

Base Spirit: Vodka - Bison grass

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Style: Modern

Black Cocktail image

Black Cocktail

Base Spirit: Vodka
Style: Fruity (e.g. Pornstar Martini)

Drowned Out image

Drowned Out

POUR ingredients into ice-filled glass, stir and serve with straws.

Light Breeze image

Light Breeze

Created in 2000 by Simon Difford at the Light Bar, London, England (hence the name).

Lighter Breeze image

Lighter Breeze

POUR all ingredients into ice-filled glass. Stir and serve with straws.

Milky Mojito image

Milky Mojito

For more recipes, its origins and history, see the Mojito Cocktail.

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Base Spirit: Gin - Dry (unsweetened) gin

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An adaptation of a drink created in 2002 by Alex Turner, London, England.

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Base Spirit: Cognac

Mucky Bottom image

Mucky Bottom

Created in 2003 by Simon Difford. This was formerly and more tastefully named Red Haze.

Sunny Breeze image

Sunny Breeze

Created in 2003 by yours truly (Simon Difford).

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Base Spirit: Vodka - Cranberry flavoured

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Base Spirit: Calvados brandy

Asylum Cocktail image

Asylum Cocktail

Base Spirit: Gin - Dry (unsweetened) gin
Style: Classic/vintage

Barnacle Bill image

Barnacle Bill

Style: Tiki/tropical

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