BAROMETER International Bar Show

Words by Sammy Hemmings

Photography by Barometer International Bar Show

It's one of the biggest bar events in Europe with successful shows since 2016, and this year, Barometer looks to be bigger and better.

The Barometer International Bar Show kicks-off between 27th-29th September 2019 and will explore sources of development, industry growth, creativity, and the origins of cocktail culture.

Hosted at Cec Parkovy, in Kyiv, Ukraine, Barometer selects 'roots' and 'origins' as their theme this year. Professionals and cocktail enthusiasts from across the globe are invited to join them during the three-day show, alongside leading industry speakers who will delve into the 2019 theme, which will surely spark a great deal of insightful discussions.

You can purchase your tickets to Barometer here.

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Among the line-up of over 70 leading industry speakers is Philip Duff, a spirits and on-trade expert, Diego Ferrari, author and force behind online community Cocktail Art, Angus Winchester, consultant and director of BCB's educational programme, Robert Simonson, prominent drinks writer, Peter Dorelli, famed ex-head bartender of the American Bar at The Savoy, Simon Ford, influential figure and leading voice in the industry, and Fulvio Piccinino, drinks author and editor of Saperebere, with drinks consultant Kenji Jesse as host during the event.

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This year, Barometer features an exciting collection of bars from around the world, including the Clumsies, Athens, The Tippling Club, Singapore, Zuma, Dubai, Panda & Sons, Edinburgh, Le Syndicat, Paris, Alter Ego Bar, Kyiv, and Zelda Bar, Odessa, Ukraine.

Guests can also explore the interesting foods on offer, bar equipment and books for sale.

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In 2018, the show exceeded expectations with a record of 18,000 guests from across the globe, not to mention 44,000 cocktails, 23 bars from 11 countries, and more than 100 speakers - it was a showstopper.

Barometer hosted a large-scale bar tour in 2017, as well as offering workshops, tastings, and talks from leading industry voices. The event saw 15,000 guests and 35,000 cocktails mixed and devoured over the course of three days, with 74 speakers, including Phillip Duff and Angus Winchester. On-trend, popular bars also shone, including New York's Mace bar, Danico from Paris, Himkok from Oslo, BellBoy from Tel Aviv and Amsterdam's Door 74.

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If their success and excitement is anything to go by, then we envisage Barometer 2019 will attract thousands of attendees once again. For those interested in attending, you can purchase your tickets here.