Eric van Beek: The man that bleeds orange. LOB series.

Words by Timo Janse

Photography by Eric van Beek

Eric van Beek: The man that bleeds orange. LOB series. image 1

Ten tough ones for....

In this Legends Of the Bar series we will look into some of the great names in Dutch bartending and ask them ten of the toughest questions.

Next, the winner of Bacardi Legacy Europe 2017, and a man that bleeds orange, Eric van Beek.

What is the nicest moment behind the bar you can remember?

"The nicest moment behind the bar that I can remember is when somebody who lived in Atlanta, went to their room, put on a new shirt and gave me their shirt as a gift because it had a picture of the house on it where I used to live it. I got a little teary eyed!"

And what is the worst?

"The worst, hmmm! Probably, in general when you have really pretentious people at your bar and everything you do is wrong in their eyes. Cant win them all."

Who are the two Gurus you look up to the most in our industry?

"My two gurus are Sasha Petraske, rest in peace and Ollie Hampton."

Which book on bartending is a must-read?

"Regarding Cocktails by Sasha Petraske"

What is the cocktail you have created you are most proud of?

"Cariño, the drink I won this years Bacardi Legacy European Final with. The drink is simple, yet complex. With the addition of greek yogurt and the story of love and endearment for all people thats comes with this makes it iconic. (not tooting my own horn at all here lol) IG: CarinoBacardi #Loveandendearment #Carinobacardi"

ency 55 image

What is the biggest challenge facing our industry in the Netherlands today?

"That people think they do not like something while in all actuality they have no idea."

What is your guilty pleasure drink?

"I don’t know if im guilty but, Piña Colado is proper tasty!"

If you could teach new bartenders one thing, what would it be?

"Learn the basics first! Classics are important. Also, its not all about the drink. Its about the experience you give to your guests."

What do I have to do as a bartender to piss you off when visiting a bar?

"Debating everything I do and say. Your drink order is going to take really long."

If you want to be remembered by any quote, what would it be?

"Give love and happiness and love and happiness will be given to you!"

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