Musk and Amber cocktail by Ben Lobos

Words by Ingmar Voerman

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The drink that made Ben Lobos win the Dutch World Class Finals 2018.

"My inspiration for Musk and Amber was based heavily on waste ingredients from events that we, as Liquid Maniacs (part of Barrelproof Co.) carried out. The main one being the Ketel One Vodka Bloody Mary event we catered for 60 bartenders at Bob Nolet’s house, the mixture of fresh herbs, spices and juices were blended and I saved the residue."

"The flavor it contained still was immense, and from there it was the background knowledge of Bulleit Bourbon and their measures within sustainability, and the reusing of the bourbon casks within the range of Diageo products."

"From that I already had two key ingredients, which left me the freedom to manipulate and search for other sustainable produce that could play on the palate of the jury. The elements of oil, salt and spice really clicked, and was something I knew having a background within and around kitchens, and being lucky enough to have worked with great chefs in the past."

Musk and Amber


60 ml Bulleit Bourbon
40 ml Bloody Mary Spiced Cordial
20 ml Purple Mustard Syrup
7,5 ml Porcini Mushroom/Burnt Lemon Shrub
4 drops Naga Chili Bitters
2 dashes Saline Solution

Method: Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass filled with ice cubes.
Strain and serve straight up.

Glass: Serax white ceramic bottom, the ceramic top of the vesseI bought after I encountered it at Oriole Bar in London.

Garnish: Peat Smoke

ency 36 image


Bloody Mary Spiced Cordial

*The initial recipe for Ketel One Green Mary

600 ml pineapple juice
60 ml apple Cider Vinegar
30 ml agave Syrup
Half a bunch of coriander
Half a bunch of mint leaves
2 green jalapeño peppers (one with seeds, one without)
1 tsp sea salt

Blend, strain and bottle the juice

Reinvented Ingredient: The Bloody Mary Spiced Cordial
Combine all ingredients in a jar:

500 grams of the Green Mary residue
250 grams beet sugar
200 ml lemon juice
50 ml citric and tartaric acid solution
(1 tspn/0.5 tspn/100 ml water)

Add 10 ml of 96.3% ABV Alcohol and store refrigerated

Purple Mustard Syrup

300 grams beet sugar
150 ml filtered water
Simmer till sugar dissolves at 186 Celcius
50 grams purple mustard

Reduce heat when all is dissolved.
Strain and bottle, keep refrigerated

Porcini Mushroom/ Burnt Lemon Shrub

Heat a pan with:

300 ml apple cider vinegar
100 ml beet sugar

150 grams dried porcini mushrooms
50 grams burnt lemon peels

Saline Solution:
Sea Salt 10:1 Filtered Water

Editorial tasting note:
The ‘Musk & Amber’ is a true ‘World Class cocktail’ cocktail, grabbing you with countless layers of flavour, yet staying unified as a whole. It’s a rich and strong cocktail combining unusual, sustainable, gastronomical and natural ingredients in a very smart and creative way. The end result is a very tasty, savoury and spicy bourbon-cocktail, perfectly balanced.

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