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Words by Timo Janse/Martin Ambrass

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Riga, the capital of Latvia, is home to an astounding number of bars, terraces, clubs and pubs.

In terms of cocktails it has seen a small dedicated group of bars over the years. Recently, however the attention has been rising with several new additions opening in an already happening nightlife.

Here are some of the stand out places to visit. Is your favorite place missing? Be sure to help us to correct this wrong and email timo.janse@diffordsguide.com

Snob Bar

A beautiful hotel bar inside the recently opened Grand Poet hotel where people go to enjoy classic cocktails and interesting tailor made signature drinks. A Must visit!


One of the best bars in Riga with plenty of technical able bartenders that love what they do and where every detail is important.

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Cuba Cafe

The owner is known to many as the Latvian Godfather of Cocktails. And you can feel it once you step in this cuban style bar.
It features a large choice of rums and is all about atmosphere.

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Cuba Cafe


This greenhouse styled place is on a rooftop in the middle of Riga. A beautiful place where you go to relax after a busy day.

Coyote Fly

Considered by many to be the best night club in Riga with amazing shows and quality DJ's. Definitely a see and be seen crowd.

Riga Rock Cafe

Pretty much a huge apartment made into a bar/club/karaoke/rock stage, with a large focus on live rock music.


Housed in a former private cigar lounge is one of Riga's most beautiful and stylish bars. The place oozes history and style, plus a well stocked back bar.

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Churchill Club


There is a saying - "You haven't been to Riga, if you haven't tried Riga Black Balsam".
So, this is their place! Additionally they have some great food as well.

Skyline Bar

A stunning rooftop bar at the 26th floor with A panorama looking out over the city.

Kiwi Bar

A sports bar in the heart of Riga with A large choice in beers and sport events. For pub crawlers and beer lovers.

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