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In pursuit of expanding beyond the 30 countries it is currently available in, Bobby's attracts its new managing director who is no stranger to the industry.

Thom Bartelse (41) will be a familiar name to many in the industry.

Having worked at Diageo, Bacardi and ID&T (of Sensation fame) he was last seen at the helm of the service industry branch for Red Bull.

Bobby's gin and jenever has its sights set on markets such as China and the middle east, and Thom's expertise is thought to help in this field.

Bobby's gin and it's more recent expansion with its jenever is at an important cross road. At 4 years of age, this is an important time for expansion, while keeping quality and brand image in check.

The Chinese market certainly is not considered an easy task so should prove to be an exciting challenge for the company and its new managing director!

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