Waqar Winner 2018: Arima & his

Words by Arima

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Recently Pisco fans gathered in House Bar for the Waqar pisco cocktail competition.

We talk to its winner, Arima Garabidian from Miss Moneypenney, about the story behind his winning drink, and of course, the recipe!

How it all came together

When I first started to experiment with Waqar Pisco for the competition, I wanted to do something with it I never had done before, which is using a stir method instead of a shaking method.

In my research about Chile I found out that the Papaya fruit is from there so I thought: "why not use a fruit I never worked with before in the cocktail as well?."

Next was the Heron from Waqar, which is Pisco aged 6 years. As I am experimenting and challenging myself, why not ‘age’ the Pisco myself!

So here I have a stirred cocktail, Papaya fruit, the Heron and my own version of an aged Pisco.
I made a syrup with the papaya fruit, used a little bit of ‘piri-piri’ to spice it up and yuzu to give it the acidity it needed.

My cocktail is almost complete with the use of a Chili liqueur from Ancho Reyes and simple syrup.
And now the name.. ...

What's in a name

The final thing I wanted to do is to have a little bit of fun with it.

At Miss Moneypenny we always use pictures as a gimmick so I thought why not garnishing it with a polaroid picture of the judges and the guests who are there and name my cocktail.....

ency 31 image

“Muchacho con amigos’
20 ml Heron
40 ml Waqar (barrel aged) Pisco
10 ml Ancho Reyes
5 ml Simple syrup
4 barspoons homemade papaya-piri-piri-yuzu syrup

Add all ingredients in a mixing glass, stir over ice, strain into a martini glass. Garnish the rim with a piri-piri & salt combination and don’t forget to take pictures of the ones drinking it!

Thank you Arima for your creativity and tasty creation!

You can find him and his drinks at Miss Moneypenney in Amsterdam.

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