By the Dutch to give new breath to a very old category

Words by Timo Janse & By the Dutch

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Advocaat, one of the older and more curious styles of dutch heritage products, is given a new approach by By the Dutch company. But what is it and how to use it?

If you look deep in the shelves, or on the bottom one of your grocery or liquor store, you might find this odd chicken of a drink.

Advocaat, mostly known either to the very elderly, or the very curious, has in the last decade lost its space in fridges of bars.
The reasons for this are simple: guests simply stopped ordering it, and quality brands mostly disappeared.
This, thankfully is about to change, as By The Dutch has taken it upon themselves to take this ancient almost forgotten drink from the dust cabinet and give it new life.

After A take on Arrack, Gin, Bitters and Genever, now it is the turn to Advocaat to see more light of day.


The origin of the ‘’Advocaat’’ is unclear. Some say its origin lies in Dutch travelers trying to imitate the creamy mixture of avocado pulp, cane sugar, and rum they had been offered in Brazil. Dutch texts from the 17th century describe a yellow-colored drink popular with sailors in the Dutch Antilles (Dutch Caribbean Islands).

The name for Advocaat is derived from the Dutch word for avocado. The Dutch settlers living in Suriname and Recife (Brazil) made the first version of the beverage using avocados. Since no avocados were available back in the Netherlands, a Dutch distiller substituted egg for the exotic fruit.

Others suggest Advocaat is derived from the Dutch word for “lawyer.” The name of the liqueur is short for advocatenborrel, or "lawyer's drink," where “borrel” is Dutch for a small alcoholic beverage consumed during a social gathering. Named as a good lubricant for the throat, this drink is considered especially useful for a lawyer who must speak in public.


Advocaat is a traditional Dutch liqueur made from barn eggs and brandy. Some could say it is the very first "cream liqueur" pre-dating the "first" cream liqueur, Baileys, by a few hundred years (!).

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Snowball, a classic Advocaat cocktail

Advocaat became popular in the USA and UK in the late 1940s and early 1950s, reaching its peak of popularity in the seventies. “By the Dutch’’ Advocaat distinguishes itself by a higher alcohol content, thinner liquid structure, excellent quality of raw materials, educative & historical character.

“By the Dutch” Advocaat is produced in the Dutch province South Holland. The liqueur is a traditional recipe using local barn eggs, sugar, brandy, vanilla from Madagascar, rosemary from Morocco and water. Thanks to its higher alcohol content (20%alc.) and thinner liquid, it’s suitable for cocktail recipes.

Mr. Zonneveld, Owner & Founder of ‘’By the Dutch’’, commented: ‘’It is by far the most ambitious product within the By the Dutch range. We are thrilled to see this iconic cocktail ingredient back in the speed rack.’’

We hope to see many more Advocaat cocktails being created in the near future, don't hesitate to send us your take on this historical product.

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