The Orbium Files - Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

Words by Ingmar Voerman & Tess Posthumus

Photography by Ming Chao

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The Orbium Files: a series of eleven cocktails, especially created, developed and tailored by the best cocktail bars throughout The Netherlands.

Orbium, a reimagining of Hendrick’s Gin by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie is a limited quininated gin, based on the iconic Hendrick’s recipe of distillates from both the Carter Head- and Bennett-still with infusions of rose and cucumber. Orbium is then enriched with flavours that are traditionally associated with classic gin libations; quinine found in tonic (Gin & Tonic) and wormwood found in vermouth (Martini cocktail). The mysterious blue lotus flower adds an aromatic, floral sweetness and harmonizes all flavours of the gin.

Orbium is what Hendrick’s would taste like in a parallel universe. The eleven carefully selected cocktail bars are the only venues in Holland where Orbium will be poured and can be experienced, till the limited supply of 1000 bottles has dried out. For this third libation of The Orbium Files we will take off at Flying Dutchmen Cocktails.

Flying Dutchmen Cocktails
Flying Dutchmen Cocktails is a cocktail gem in the heart of Amsterdam, owned and operated by esteemed bartenders Tess Posthumus and Timo Janse. It’s the bar they always dreamt of owning, beautifully decorated, stylish and home-like, giving you a feeling it has been here for decades already. You can’t miss their amazing 600+ bottle back bar, as well as T&T’s mission to let everyone truly understand classic cocktails. “We must learn to walk, before we can run, before we can fly”. This bar houses a great bar team, serves a great selection of (forgotten) classic cocktails and modern signature twists on classics.

Cocktail Inspiration
Posthumus and Janse: “At Flying Dutchmen Cocktails we are all about things that are represented in this cocktail named ‘In the deep of the night’. Paying homage to the classics is one of them. In this case, paying homage to the classic martini. Not the dry, neutral drinks of late, but the old and flavorful type, just as Orbium’s intense and outspoken flavor.

Second, use local ingredients when applicable. We use a very special holly berry eau de vie, made in The Betuwe region on a small scale.

Last, a bit quirky is OK! Holly, although common as an ornament (decoration), is hardly ever used in drinks, or distilled. This is due to its small size, unique taste and specific connotation to Christmas. However, that’s exactly why we love it. And we hope you do too. Come fly with us with the ‘In the deep of the night’!”

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In the Deep of the Night,
by Tess Posthumus & Timo Janse

60 ml Hendrick’s Orbium
20 ml Lillet Blanc
10 ml holly berry eau de vie
2 dashes Scrappy’s Orange Bitters

Glass: coupe
Garnish: discarded lemon zest, Cape berry.
Method: Pour the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Throw the cocktail from shaker to shaker. Strain into a chilled coupe glass.

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