The Orbium Files - Door 74

Words by Ingmar Voerman & Tess Posthumus

Photography by Ming Chao

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The Orbium Files: a series of eleven cocktails, especially created, developed and tailored by the best cocktail bars throughout The Netherlands.

Orbium, a reimagining of Hendrick’s Gin by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie is a limited quininated gin, based on the iconic Hendrick’s recipe of distillates from both the Carter Head- and Bennett-still with infusions of rose and cucumber. Orbium is then enriched with flavours that are traditionally associated with classic gin libations; quinine found in tonic (Gin & Tonic) and wormwood found in vermouth (Martini cocktail). The mysterious blue lotus flower adds an aromatic, floral sweetness and harmonizes all flavours of the gin.

Orbium is what Hendrick’s would taste like in a parallel universe. The eleven carefully selected cocktail bars are the only venues in Holland where Orbium will be poured and can be experienced, till the limited supply of 1000 bottles has dried out. The sixth episode of this Orbium extravaganza is fulfilled by a sacred place in the Dutch cocktail world: Door 74.

Door 74
Door 74 is the Benelux’s essential speakeasy bar, a bar that breathes modern cocktail history for over 10 years - and counting. A hidden bar that everyone with a cocktail heart knows and loves, serving classic-style cocktails in an intimate setting, dark, luxurious, mysterious and secretive. Door 74 serves cocktails with the best of spirits and ingredients, made by great bartenders, giving you a memorable drinking experience like they mean it. And they do.

Cocktail Inspiration
Tim Lefèvre: “The aim of this drink is to honour the latest creation of Lesley Gracie, where she adds both main components of some of our all time favourites, the Dry Martini and the G&T, We decided to create a drink that can work both short and long. Because why pick, when you can have both? The world is not enough.”

ency 11 image

Orbis non Sufficit (The World is not Enough) by Tim Lefèvre

60 ml Hendrick’s Orbium
30 ml Dolin Dry vermouth
5 ml (bar spoon) Wynand Fockink Volmaakt Gelukt-liqueur
Dash of Fee Brothers Rhurbarb Bitters

Short or Long?
Short - Martini Style
Glass: martini
Garnish: discarded lemon zest
Method: Pre-batch in a tiny bottle, pour in a mixing glass, stir over ice and strain in a chilled martini glass.

Long drink Style
Glass: longdrink
Garnish: lemon zest
Method: Pre-batch in a tiny bottle, pour into a long drink glass filled with ice. Trop with Three Cents pink grapefruit soda. Garnish with a lemon zest.

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