The importance of cold glasswear

Words by Timo Janse, Tess Posthumus & Gamko

One of the Key components in the enjoyment of drinks is temperature.

What is the reason for this and what are some of the factors at play?

We talk to Tess Posthumus, owner of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails about chilling drinks and Gamko, one of the main producers of fridges and chillers in the Netherlands for commercial use in the service industry.

A cold drink is a good drink

Tess:" In terms of importance, temperature can not be overstated. One of my pet peeves is when i go to a cocktail bar, order a dry martini -one of my favorite drinks- and receiving a drink that is not chilled enough.

Especially with classic cocktails like that, where there are not many ingredients, and alcohol strength is quite high, it really needs that coldness to balance things out.

One of the ways to ensure this is to properly chill your glass before use."

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The past

"Traditionally, one would do this by filling the glass with crushed ice before making the drink. However, thankfully nowadays we have the pleasure of being able to work with glass frosters.

Not only does this the job of keeping our glasses chilled, it also does so incredibly fast AND saves our staff time in preparing that Perfect Serve drink. It really is a win-win."

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Enter the future

She is talking here about the fridges and frosters from Gamko.

Gamko are global leaders in the manufacture of professional drinks coolers for the bar, leisure and catering industries.

They were established in 1958, and since then we have revolutionized the professional drinks cooling industry. You would be hard pressed finding a top-range cocktail bar in the Netherlands that does not make use of their fridges and/or chilling equipment.

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Down to business

Tess adds:
"Another important thing for us is servicing our fridges and equipment. Even though we take pride in keeping all our equipment as clean as possible, we are a busy bar. "

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On call

"We can not work with machines that break every other day as we are dependent on them to keep our guests happy. In the year that we have been open we have never had any issues with ours and confident that if we would, we will receive all the support possible."

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Eye candy


"Our new glass frosters feature the award winning +stayclear condenser, making them not only stylish to look at but reliable and high performing. With a range of finishes and options available, they will seamlessly fit into your bar. "

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Bottom line

"By choosing one of our glass frosters you can be confident you have invested in the most reliable and technically advanced unit you could want, and more importantly? Your customers will want to become part of the drinking experience this froster creates - meaning more money in your till!"

Gamko has a worldwide network of dealers and agents, and offices in Benelux, the United Kingdom and France.

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