Royal Bliss and Royal Inspiration - Part I

Words by Timo Janse

Photography by Coca-Cola

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For the very first time, Coca-Cola has introduced a range of premium mixers in the Netherlands with the specific goal to inspire bartenders. Its name? Royal Bliss.

Additionally there is also a competition in the Netherlands for all bartenders that have one or more serves with Royal Bliss in their bar.

To get inspired, join us here on Difford’s Guide NL, where we will have some wonderful drink recipes in this series. This time we talk to World Class winner Ben Lobos and his Cordial Sensation!

How it all began

Royal Bliss was created using over 40 different taste and aroma nuances. Plus, it was inspired by bartenders and taste experts to be applicable to both white and dark spirits.

Ben Lobos is bartender at the notorious Dr. in Rotterdam. His inspiration is rooted in a global trend: "I would like to express my prediction for low abv to no abv cocktails in the industry. People nowadays are more interested in qualitative drinks with less alcohol. My inspiration for my signature serve was to provide the guest with a light palate cleanser. The drink was inspired by the Gimlet which sees a floral gin paired with lime and sugar as a daily medicine for English sailors. I added a bitter vermouth, herbal liqueur with a delicate splash of Royal Bliss Vibrant Yuzu Tonic Water to it to add effervescence to the drink.”

Los Lobos

Ben Lobos, generally recognized as one of the top bartenders of the country and winner of the prestigious World Class competition last year, is just one of many bars and bartenders that have been inspired.

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Many have followed suit, and we will be glad to be able to share a few of those!

Royal Bliss is available in the flavors Creative tonic water, Vibrant Yuzu tonic water, Bohemian Berry Sensation and Irreverent ginger ale. Want to be even more inspired? Check out for more images and menu examples that can be used in bars.

Wanna Win?

As stated, there is a competition for bars as well. The three winning venues will win an inspirational trip to Spain or a very special guest bartender. How to win? Simply have one or more creative Royal Bliss serves in your bar in the period of June and July and your bar might win the prize! Check out the website of Royal Bliss for more info (as of May).

Make your own Cordial Sensation!

Did all of that make your cocktail stirring arm tingle? Well, here is the recipe.

Cordial Sensation

35 ml Nolet Silver Dry Gin
7,5 ml Chartreuse Jaune
15 ml Cocchi Americano
15 ml Lime cordial
30 ml Royal Bliss Vibrant Yuzu Tonic Water

Method: Pour the first four ingredients in a mixing glass. Stir with ice cubes and strain into a goblet glass. Top-up with with Royal Bliss Vibrant Yuzu Tonic Water and garnish with a lime zest.

We hope you'll enjoy making this relaxing drink; we are sure we will ourselves.

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