Royal Bliss and Royal Inspiration - Part 2

Words by Timo Janse

Photography by Coca-Cola

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For the very first time, Coca-Cola has introduced a range of premium mixers in the Netherlands with the specific goal to inspire bartenders. Its name? Royal Bliss.

To inspire, join us here on Difford’s Guide NL, where we will have some wonderful drink recipes in this series. In this edition we talk to Helder, A Renaissance man on the bartender block with some old school drinks inspiration.

The man who was there

Royal Bliss was created using over 40 different taste and aroma nuances. Plus, it was inspired by bartenders and taste experts to be applicable to both white and dark spirits.

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Helder Fortes Silva is a bartender at the notorious Dr. in Rotterdam.

Renaissance Kid

As humble as his words are, this bartender that is known for his calm, friendly demeaner has in fact racked up much more experience than he takes credit for.

Working at staff agency company Mise en Place since many years - not unlike many of the successful bartenders in the country actually - to doing many catering gigs for Cooper & Barrel to his current work at the Dr., this is a man that quietly builds up knowledge, steam and pace. For certain one to watch in the future!

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Helder: "Every day, I learn more and more as a bartender. Classic cocktails inspire me, sometimes I try to find a way to change them for modern-day flavors and questions.
I personally lean on the sweet side of cocktails and also love a good highball. The Bohemian Fizz is inspired by two lovely highballs that are both refreshing:
-The Tom Collins, one of the first cocktails I started making for myself back in the day.
-The other is the slightly bolder Lynchburg Lemonade that I encountered a while ago.
This culminates in The Bohemian Fizz, A refreshing drink with a fruity tone to it."

Based on the classic dry gin, paired with triple sec, lemon juice and a touch of sugar all this accompanied by Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry Sensation.

Royal Bliss is available in the flavors Creative tonic water, Vibrant Yuzu tonic water, Bohemian Berry Sensation and Irreverent Ginger ale.

Helder uses the Bohemian Berry to great effect. Want to be even more inspired? Check out for more images and menu examples that can be used in bars.

Wanna Win?

As stated, there is a competition for bars as well. The three winning venues will win an inspirational trip to Spain and three will win the second prize: one night with a very special guest bartender. How to win? Have one or more creative Royal Bliss serves in your bar in the period of June and July and sell the most of them and your bar will win the prize!

Become a Bohemian!

Did all of that talk make you thirsty for some cocktail activity? No need to wait any longer; here is the recipe!

“Bohemian Fizz”

Fill a shaker full of ice cubes and add the following ingredients:

35 ml Rutte Dry gin
15 ml De Kuyper Triple sec
15 ml lemon juice
5 ml 1:1 sugar syrup

Shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice cubes in a rocks glass. Top up with Royal Bliss Bohemian Berry Sensation. Garnish with a raspberry and a lemon zest.

Grab the summer in its fullest with this refreshing drink and let us know what you think!

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