Royal Bliss and Royal Inspiration - Part 3

Words by Timo Janse

Photography by Coca-Cola

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For the very first time, Coca-Cola has introduced a range of premium mixers in the Netherlands with the specific goal to inspire bartenders. Its name? Royal Bliss.

To inspire, join us here on Difford’s guide NL, where we will have some wonderful drink recipes in this series.

In this edition we talk to Janneke, bartender at the legendary Dr. in Rotterdam.

Liquid Intelligence

Royal Bliss was created using over 40 different taste and aroma nuances. Plus, it was inspired by bartenders and taste experts to be applicable to both white and dark spirits.

This time we focus on the Yuzu tonic. Yuzu is a small citrus fruit from Asia. It is known to be exceptionally sour (and expensive!), but also contains a wonderful complexity with tones of tropical fruits.

The perfect sequence

Janneke comes from Delft, a city known for its technical college, culture and rich history. Janneke certainly is everything but an airhead, showing great deliberation and intelligence behind the drinks she creates.

Last year she competed and win in the nationals for the Italicus cocktail competition wowing the judges with a drink based on the Fibornacci sequence, and her “Fusion Confusion” certainly shows again what she is capable of in terms of mixology.

"Because yuzu originally comes from China, I used more flavors that are found in the Chinese cuisine.
Kwai Feh is a lychee liqueur that adds fruitiness to the drink whereas the orgeat -preferably sesame orgeat- contributes to the depth."

Orgeat is a tiki bartender staple. Originally made from baby apricot kernels, almond flour and rose water, Janneke recommends a syrup made from sesame seeds. It gives a similar nuttiness, but combines even better in the overall drink.

Inside a creative mind

Janneke continues:
"The sesame oil is very aromatic and has a distinct taste to balance out the sweetness and add a savoury note. The base spirit is a Dutch genever with subtle herbal and nutty notes. The cocktail is a really refreshing fusion between Dutch and Chinese flavours with just the right amount of complexity.”

Old Simon is a unique genever in the way that it also is distilled with walnuts, giving it that nuttiness helping in the overall depth and flavor of the drink.

ency 88 image

Janneke after the Italicus final

Royal Bliss is available in the flavors Creative tonic water, Vibrant Yuzu tonic water, Bohemian Berry Sensation and Irreverent Ginger ale.

Janneke has chosen the Vibrant Yuzu tonic.

Want to be even more inspired? Check out for more images and menu examples that can be used in bars.

Wanna Win?

Bartender much? There is a competition for bars as well. The three winning venues will win an inspirational trip to Spain and three others will win the second prize: one night with a very special guest bartender.

How to win? Have one or more creative Royal Bliss serves in your bar in the period of June and July and sell the most of them and your bar will win the prize!

Fuse and confuse me!

As Yuzu and lychee are some of the most enjoyable flavors known to man, we understand if you became thirsty. Well, the wait is over, here is the recipe:

“Fusion Confusion”

Fill a shaker full of ice cubes and add the following ingredients:

30 ml Rutte Old Simon
20 ml Kwai Feh
20 ml lemon juice
10 ml Orgeat syrup
1 egg white

Shake vigorously and strain over fresh ice cubes in a wine glass. Top up with Royal Bliss Yuzu tonic water. Garnish with a few drops sesame oil and an orange zest.

Get vibrant with an Asian twist and start making yours now!

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