Star chefs meet Star bartenders in gin competition

Words by Timo Janse

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At the first Gastro & Gin competition sparks flew as top bartenders, paired up with some of the best chefs went head to head. In the end it was Cécile Fayn of Flying Dutchmen Cocktails and Sander Verhaaf of restaurant 212 that won. Curious what they made? Read on!

The competition was held by Gastro Gin, a gin created by three Michelin star chef Jonnie Boer of restaurant de Librije. Just like this gin is a marriage of the bar world and the kitchen, so too was this competition created to marry the two.

The final was held on the 11th of July at the Librije in Zwolle. The challenge? Create an awesome cocktail and bar snack that perfectly pair each other. As more and more bars offer food as well as drinks, and more and more restaurants offer cocktails, this competition came at a great time.

The jury consisted of BA Sharai Rodrigues, herself a multi award-winning bartender, chef Jonnie Boer and Maik Kuijpers, concept creator of Gastro gin among many others.

Four teams battled it out from bars Duke of Tokyo, Bricks “Hooch & Brew” the Hague and Black Smoke Rotterdam, showing the diversity of cities currently on offer in the top segment.

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In the end Cécile Fayn and chef Sander Verhaaf won with a modern twist on an all-time classic: Fish & Chips with a Gin-tonic.

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The Winning Pair

45 ml Gastro Gin
45 ml Tonic syrup, consistinf og kardemom, white pepper, gentian, sugar and citric acid.
Top up with 30 ml champagne.

The Snack

A gyoza of pickled turnip cabbage filled with lightly smoked seabass, passionfruit, dill and crisped chicken skin.

Looking at the delicious combination above, we toast to. Bright future of Gastronomy meeting the bar world!

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