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Grappa doesn't have to be enjoyed on its own, it’s eminently mixable with different styles of grappa imparting different flavour nuances. I favour using Moscato grappa for cocktails as the Moscato varietal tends to produce the most aromatic grappas with floral fruity notes that delicately pervade a cocktail.

Here are six cocktails to better acquaint yourself with grappa.

The Bird is the Word No.2
A grappa based 'Last Word' adapted from a drink discovered at Salon 39, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Affogato Cocktail
Based on the classic Italian dessert of the same name, this after dinner cocktail, fortified with a splash of grappa, blends coffee and chocolate with ice-cream.

Eighteen '97
The citrus freshness of kumquat combined with robust grappa character makes for a great combo. Created in 2008 by Raffaello Dante at Salvatore's at Fifty, London.

Italian Milk Punch No.2
The distinctive flavour of moscato grappa shines through in this milky drink, with amaretto adding rich almond notes and Galliano a touch of peppermint and aniseed.

Grappa replaces tequila while limoncello replaces triple sec in this Italian twist in the classic Margarita. Adapted from a drink discovered in 2005 at Alfredo's of Rome, New York.

Grappa's character shines through and is complimented by the amaretto and coffee. Adapted from a drink created in 2006 by George Sinclair.

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