Vanilla, and A Rebel with a Cause: Sir Edmond gin

Words by Timo Janse

Photography by Kevin Kroon

Vanilla, and A Rebel with a Cause: Sir Edmond gin image 1

A brand in flight using one of the most iconic ingredients known to man.

An unusual bird spreads its wings

The story of Sir Edmond gin begins with distillery Herman Jansen, that some might remember from their Notaris range of genevers, and winner of several awards for their craftsmanship. They have been producing since 1777 for over seven generations and their distillery is most certainly worth a visit!


Apart from Juniper, Ginger, Angelica root, Cardamom and Cinnamon, the most uncommon botanical here is vanilla. It is the second most expensive spice on earth, and in this case comes from Reunion.

The man behind the name of this gin, Edmond Albius (1841-1880), is credited for inventing the unusual technique for pollinating Vanilla orchids quickly and profitably.
All of this while working a plantation at age 12!

His manual pollination technique is still used today as all Vanilla is pollinated by hand.

This is because there is only one specific species of bees that can pollinate Vanilla.
Apart from that, more reasons for its exclusivity:

-the flower only blooms one day.
-the drying process takes 4-6 months.
-humans love vanilla. Recently, science started to point out the reason for this might be that it is the most akin in aroma and taste to breast milk, thus reminding us of our first happy memories!

First and foremost: G&T

The Perfect Serve of this gin is with cinnamon and orange slice. However alternatively there is one with ginger and cinnamon.
In any way, always use plenty of ice and make sure to have your tonic properly chilled before use to preserve the bubbles.
We used Three cents tonic, however, as this is quite a robust spirit, several tonics work quite well.

One serve that is particularly effective to sway guests on terraces this summer is by garnishing it with passion fruit, as the acidity lifts and almost make it a cocktail all its own.

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On with the drinks!

Although drinking gin neat is....well.....for the very rebellious, it is of course in mixed drinks that gin comes to life.

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a forgotten classic

Our man Kevin Kroon, after tasting this brand, immediately thought that this gin would work perfectly in the classic Tuxedo cocktail. Indeed, in this cocktail with dry vermouth, absinthe, Orange bitters and maraschino, the flavors come together perfectly. For the recipe and history of this often forgotten classic, click here

meet the neighbours

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When i first tried this gin I created this drink. The story is a personal one with my connection to this product, so if you want to hear the story i'm afraid you need to ask me in person or the kind people of this gin.

"the flower next door"

1 ounce Sir Edmond gin
1 ounce Lillet blanc
1/2 ounce fresh lemon juice
1/2 ounce honey-ginger syrup (2:1)
2 dashes rose water.

Shake and fine strain over ice in a coupe and garnish with a lemon zest and flower.

Free bird

Acknowledging its connection to the animals,
for every bottle sold there is a charity contribution focused on the protection of animals in Africa.

Meet Sir Edmond

In 2017, Sir Emond gin received the achievement of "Gin Master 2017" medal within the premium gin category from The Spirits Business Awards.
Be sure to meet Sir Edmond for yourself next time you visit your favorite bar or liquor store!

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