Events Calendar for Discerning Drinkers

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April events

In dutch there is a saying “April does what it wants”. And even though this refers to the weather, when it comes to the drinks industry, this is a month free of
big holidays, or big events. The perfect month to get together and share some good quality drinks and the many stories that surround them!

As always, if you have an event we should know of, please allow us to correct this and give us a heads up at

Michter’s Whiskey Tasting at VIC’s BAR

What: Tasting of American Distillery #1 and its history
Location: VIC’s BAR (Amsterdam)
When: 2 PM - 4 PM, 5 April
More info: Facebook Event

Masterclass with Alan Mulvihill - No storms allowed

What: Last event was cancelled due to storm, now back again for a Roe and Co Masterclass for sure.
Location: Pigs&Punch (Amsterdam)
When: 1 PM - 3PM, 8 April 2020
More info: Facebook Event

Deadline for Caraïbos & Saint James competition

What: Deadline for participation
Location: Online, 12 April 2020

Caraïbos & Saint James competition Benelux final

What: Benelux final
Location: Brussels (BE)
When: TBA, 20 April 2020