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August events

August is a month of Pride, inclusiveness and tolerance. Additionally, most of us are back from those well-deserved holidays and ready for tasting a good spirit or drink.

International - Beer Day

What: A day to celebrate the widely loved beverage across the globe.
When: 2 August 2020
Where: Anywhere there's beer!
More info: International Beer Day

International - Rum Day

What: From the Mojito to the Daiquiri and the creamy Piña Colada, it's a well-deserved celebration.
When: 16 August 2020
Where: Anywhere there's rum!
More info: 10 cocktails for International Rum Day

International - Pinot Noir Day

What: Celebrate pinot noir, a wine which can only be produced in cooler climates. The grapes are cultivated in certain regions, primarily in France, USA and South Africa.
When: 18 August 2020
Where: Across the globe, with a glass in hand.

International - Whiskey Sour Day

What: A celebratory day that begun in the USA, appearing as early as 1870, when it appeared in a newspaper.
When: 25 August 2020
Where: Anywhere you or somebody else can knock up a Whiskey Sour!
More info: 14 of the best Whisk(e)y Sours for Whiskey Sour Day

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