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Christoffer Johansson

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In Christoffer's own words, "I have been working in the bar industry since I was 14 years old and have been working with every aspect from the dish wash to head of security.

For me life is so much more than just a simple act or just existing; it is about appreciating all the gifts we have and really use them in the everyday life. Things like our senses and feelings; example for me, making a cocktail is much more than just a " taste or a flavor", even if it is ever so sublime.

We eat/drink with both our eyes and mouth, and we are influenced by the surroundings and even by the person next or in front of us. This kind of thinking inspires me in my work, creations and my all day life. When I am not working I love training my body and have been training myself and others in martial arts all my life. Which have given me discipline and goal focus.

If I should describe myself and my passion it would be:
- I am curious and hungry about spirits history, people, cultures and hospitality.
- I love being behind the bar serving guests, on a stage doing lectures, hosting workshops, training and learning other people and conduct tastings, that’s were my heart is. It does not matter what kind of crowd I have, I will do it all with the same enthusiasm.

My motto:
“Never Above you, never below you, Always beside you – Salute –“

Christoffer was the overall winner of the Peter F Heering Sling Award 2015.

Christoffer’s Chris-Cross Bitter Sling

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Orange zest twist, mint sprig & maraschino cherry
Method: Throw all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

• 20 ml Cherry Heering
• 20 ml Carpano Antica Formula
• 20 ml Suze
• 25 ml Freshly squeezed lemon juice
• 25 ml Freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice
• 20 ml Honey water (70/30 honey to hot water)
• 3 dash Bob’s Bitters Orange & Mandarin
• Splash of Cava

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