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Matthias Aso was born in Bordeaux, France and studied at "Lycée Hotelier de Biarritz" for five years, the last of which he specialised in cocktail bartending.

He launched his bartending career at a high level Hotel, The Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme. This was soon to be followed by a suite of cocktail competition wins; including winner of "Challenge Pernod-Ricard" in 2010, "The Best Mojito in Paris" in 2013, the " Teisseire International Showdown" in 2013, and more recently "The Heering Sling Award" in 2015.

Nowadays, Matthias is firmly established as a prime Sydney bartender, working in establishments like; Pelicano, Zeta Bar and Bondy's as head bartender. He is currently working as a bartender at The Smoking Panda in Sydney.

"Cherry Heering will always be part of my back bar selection of liqueurs because it reminds me of my first cherry chocolate cupcake which inspired me to mix the winning Australian Sling Awards recipe."

Matthias was a Finalist in the Peter F. Heering Sling Awards 2015.

Matthias’ Cup Cake Sling

Glass: Royal Dolten crystal goblet
Garnish: Top with Cherry Heering and sesame foam* and the sprinkle with sesame seeds
Method: Shake all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass.

• 25 ml Cherry Heering
• 10 ml Cocoa liqueur
• 40 ml Don Julio blanco tequila
• 10 ml Lime juice
• 30 ml Pineapple juice
• 2 dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters

*Sesame foam
200 grams of roasted sesame seeds
500mls hot water
2 gelatine strips
12 egg whites
200 grams of sugar
Boil water and then add gelatine strips, sugar and stir in roast sesame seeds for 5 mints. When flavour has come through, cool down and add 12 egg whites and whip together. Charge in ISI cream whip and store in fridge.

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