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Words by: Bitters & Love

Vincent started bartending at Emerald Hill, Singapore in 2012 and worked his way up to be one of the top 12 bartenders in the Singapore National Cocktail Competition.

During the competition Vincent met his mentor, Mr. Kazuhiro Chii who gave him an opportunity of his life time, to work along-side him and learn the Japanese art of bartending at one of the top restaurants in Singapore, Waku Ghin. He was taught discipline. Professionalism, and technique. Vincent was also given a chance to manage Fordham & Grand, a place inspired by the cross street in Bronx, New York. After which he moved on to Ku de ta which is now rebranded to Ce La Vi as a Chief Mixologist where he managed a staff of 20 talented mixologist and had create contemporary cocktails.

Currently Vincent manages El Tardeo, a Spanish Restaurant, where the bar was entirely designed by him. He is a very motivated individual who continuously strives to learn the art of bartending and never fails to improve with speed and consistency.

“Cherry Heering has a unique flavor, rich and very fruity – gives a very big impact. - Cherry Heering: In defeat I need it, In victory I deserve it”

Vincent’s Martini Rojo

Glass: Martini
Method: Shake all ingredients and strain into ice-filled glass.

• 45ml La Quintinye Royal Extra Dry Vermouth
• 30ml Cherry Heering
• 15ml Lemon juice

Red means: 1. Hardiness 2.Bravery 3.Strength. The mission is very simple, to create a new classic cocktail that shows the passion of Spain. With only three simple ingredients that everyone can make at home.

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