Sharai Rodrigues

Words by Sharai

Age: 35
Originally from: Assen
Profession: Trainer ISAAC company
At: Amsterdam

I started working in the hospitality business when I was 15 years old at Van der Valk Assen. There my heart grew for the business and I decided to go the Hotel School in Groningen but after working my ass off at an internship at the 5-star hotel The Vere Grand in Brighton (U.K) I wanted to concentrate on high-end bartending, cocktails!

I moved to Amsterdam for my study at the Amsterdamse Toneelschool&Kleinkunstacademie and I learned my first cocktails at Cafe Cuba Nieuwmarkt, mostly it was about making a lot of cocktails.
The real cocktail-art I learned at Henry’s Bar in Amsterdam Oost, when they first opened I was the host but soon they asked me to get behind the sticks and actually Leroy Soumokil was the person who took my hand and showed me the fine-art of cocktails and my heart was sold!

I worked at different bars, helped starting up new bars with their drinking menu, made cocktail foodpairing menu’s with chef’s and thought what else can I do. TEACHING, so I could share my passion with the rest of hospitality Holland.
I started two years ago as trainer at ISAAC Academy where I just started my new project, a platform for female bartenders for them to learn, create and inspire.

I competed at the World Cocktail Championship (I.B.A) in Copenhagen and became 2nd in my category (Bartenders Choice) and had the 3rd best score overall what made me the best female bartender 2017.
My goal is to grow in the business, learn as much as I can and see the platform I’m creating with other female bartenders will become a success.