Eric van Beek

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Manager Bar TwentySeven


Words by: Eric van Beek

Well where do I start?

My name is Eric van Beek, born and raised in Amsterdam and I am the head bartender of Bar TwentySeven which located in the center of Amsterdam on Dam square.

A true Dutchman one could say and I am proud of that. I bleed orange, love tulips and I give my friends three kisses. I take this attitude with me behind the bar and show this towards my guests.

I serve them with a lot of love with a dutch edge to it. I started bartending a couple years back because I found out by accident that I enjoyed it and it put a smile on my face. I could finally be the social butterfly I am everyday and interact and meet people that I else never would have met.

The way I bartend is the way I stand in life. Kind, happy, social, with a slight bit of cheeky banter on the side.

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