Martin Eisma

Words by Ingmar Voerman

Age: 29
Originally from: Vlissingen
Profession: Bar Manager Bluespoon Bar, Andaz Amsterdam
At: Amsterdam

The beginning

Since age twelve I’ve been wondering around in Hospitality, in my mother’s catering and banqueting company. She wanted me to get to know and learn from the trade young. She asked me what I wanted to do and my direct answer was bartending. Bartending has been a fascination ever since I saw a bartender on a cruise holiday stirring a Martini.

At age fifteen I was often to be found pouring drinks behind the bar. From age 19 on I really became interested in the art of bartending and cocktails. I used to be a very difficult eater, I didn’t like a single thing. That triggered me to start experimenting with flavours that I actually did like, and nowadays, I pretty much like all food – as long as It’s made properly.

I was born in Vlissingen in Zeeland, but I grew up in the Northern part of Limburg. I moved to Amsterdam when I was 21 for my study, I have a Bachelor degree in small business.
I started bartending at a bar called Riva in Nijmegen (+) , when I moved to in Amsterdam my first bartending job was at s Ron Gastobar, A Michelin star restaurant and bar in Amsterdam South. Coming October will mark three years of working as a (head) bartender at Bluespoon Bar.


I have been competing in cocktail competitions since a year now, and even though it has never been my goal to join them, it really helps in your development as a bartender. You get to learn so much, you gain so much experience and knowledge, and it helps you grow your network very rapid.

The first competition I won was the Dutch Don Papa’s It’s A Don Deal-competition past November 2017, together with chef Mark Vaassen from Sushi Samba. I managed to make it to the last seven competitors for Chivas Masters Netherlands 2018 and I have competed in the Dutch World Class finals 2018 (Martin made it to the top 4, IV).

What the future holds is hard to say, but my passion is to create new flavours. In the end I would say my goal is to own and operate a restaurant-bar that will be the ultimate crossover between gastronomy and cocktails.