Alberto Matallana

Words by Alberto Matallana

Age: 38
Originally from: Amsterdam
Profession: Secret
At: Secret

Age: 36
Birthplace: Barcelona
Nationality: Spanish
Gender: Male
Specialty: Story teller through mixed drinks
Company: Barrelproof Company / DR. Cocktail bar (Rotterdam)

Born in Barcelona, the 21st of June, 1982. Decided to finish his graphic design studies in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on 2008. Having experience in the hospitality industry back in Spain, found his new passion working in several cocktail bars.

Once in The Netherlands. his curiosity and his creative background led the way to bartending and mixology eventually. After working in different types of bars being part of some cocktail competitions, decided to move forward in the spirits world when stepping into Barrelproof Company, being part of the team from Arno van Eijmeren and performing an important role in the speakeasy bar, DR.

His knowledge and skills don't belong to a single field but many: from developing new recipes to design creative and original menus, and play with advanced techniques in order to get the best possible from every cocktail's ingredient.

Influenced by cocktail books, art movements, visual and graphic design, his favorite beverages are many, although having strong preferences for classic cocktails, unknown spirits and liquors and detailed mixology. His best drink would be the one which interacts with the guest and creates a better experience, not only in a liquid form but everything surrounding it.

A recent peak on his bartending career was set by winning the Diageo World Class competition for Netherlands, going to Mexico Global Finals on 2017 to represent the dutch.