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Created in 1886 as a beverage to be enjoyed neat, Coca-Cola has long been mixed with spirits and liqueurs. However, this mixability was a happy coincidence.

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Novo Fogo Cachaça

Novo Fogo is made from USDA certified organic sugarcane grown without chemicals on the Novo Fogo estate in Morretes, Paraná, Brasil on the edge of the

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No.3 Gin Unlock Taste competition

Back for a 3rd year, poignant for a Gin named No.3, the annual Unlock Taste Cocktail Tournament is now established as one of the UK’s premier bartending

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Licor 43

A globally-recognised brand, the story of Licor 43 begins in the mid-20th century when Diego Zamora created the recipe along with the help of his siblings,

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Camus Cognac

Founded by Jean-Baptiste Camus in 1863 and now the largest family-owned cognac house in Cognac. Camus is noted for its use of Borderies, the smallest of

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Melissanidi Distillery

Established in 1924, Melissanidi Distillery is one of the oldest distilleries in Greece and remains in fami-ly ownership, now run by the third generation

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Hacienda Patrón (NOM 1492)

Now in its fifth year, 'Margarita of the Year' is Patrón Tequila's continuing global search for the perfect twist on the classic Margarita recipe. Which

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The Lakes Distillery

The Lakes Distillery nestles in woodland on a renovated Victorian farm close to Bassenthwaite Lake in the heart of the Lake District. It opened in December

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Pallini S.p.A.

One of Rome's oldest companies, Pallini is also one of Italy’s best-known drink industry producers. The family-owned and run company is mostly known

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Gosling Brothers (Goslings Rum)

The Bermudian firm of Gosling Brothers Limited was established in the spring of 1806 when James Gosling, a London wine and spirits merchant, found himself

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Lucas Bols Distillery

Established in 1575, Lucas Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirits company, making liqueurs and genever by combining centuries-old recipes, natural

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Peter F Heering

Peter F Heering, Cherry Heering and the Classic Cocktail Challenge

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Craigellachie Distillery

Craigellachie Distillery has been producing very characterful, heavy and sulphurous malt whisky for more than 125 years, but has managed to slide under

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Caorunn, a proudly Scottish gin, is made in the former cask filling store which sits alongside the still room of the Balmenach single malt Scotch whisky

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Chase Distillery

A Herefordshire potato farmer of 20 years, Will Chase decided he’d had enough of the drudgery of selling a commodity to supermarkets and in 2002 hit

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Beefeater MIXLDN

Beefeater MIXLDN is a global bartending competition with competitors drawn from national finals in 31 different countries competing in the annual final

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Jack Daniel's

First established by Jasper Newton (Jack) Daniel in 1866, the Jack Daniel’s distillery is the oldest registered distillery in the United States. However,

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La Hechicera

It’s rare we meant a rum producer who so eloquently and passionately speaks about their rum, family story, ethos behind their brand and how their rum

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Royal Brackla Distillery

Boasting a home said to have inspired William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the first Scotch whisky to receive a royal warrant, Royal Brackla can truly claim

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Girolamo Luxardo

Originally from Genova, Girolamo Luxardo moved with his family to the town of Zara in 1817 as consular representative of the Kingdom of Sardinia. Zara,